Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toons for (non)Moslems

REPOSTED again - to Support Everybody Draw Mohammed Day - May 20, 2010
REPOSTED again - to defy the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC and the United Nations
REPOSTED in Solidarity with the brave Danish Cartoonists.

This is a matter of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, which is a fundamental human right.
Islam murders those who voice any opposition to Islam.
To quote a sign seen at a London protest "Behead those who insult Islam".
To Moslems - grow up and act like a mature adult.
"Sticks and stones make break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

REPOSTED in spite of the new UN Resolution
The cartoons that have enraged the militant mutant Moslems, the ones who go against the Koran by murdering innocent men, women, children. To the very few, and very silent, very law-abiding and respectful Muslims - sorry, but I must reprint these.

h/t Michelle Malkin


Anonymous said...

hey u.. im a born and bred muslim and i just would like to say that im actually sad.. sad cos u dont have any respect for the next persons religion!! yes, it may be funny to u that we have a prophet named muhammed but our religion is sacred and maybe one day in your life somewhere along the line you will come across something or someone who will will open your eyes and alert you that everyones beliefs should be left alone! If u go deeper into islam you wont think like this you will see the beauty it offers!! i can just pray for u..

Marvin said...

I can not respect a 'religion' which demands that ALL obey or die.

Why do I have to follow the precepts of a religion which I don't believe.

When will Muslims learn to respect the right of others to live and believe as they choose.
The Europeans willing accepted your people and have are they repaid - The Muslims noe demand that there law be imposed on Europe.

Anonymous said...
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Syncretist said...

See my blog entitled: Freedom of the

Hamed said...

excuse me, im uslim and i never tried to force my religion to anyone, believe it or not i have many none muslim friends who respect me for who i am.

those ar Christians who force you in to their religion, and jehova's witness.

and as for muslim, they haven't done anything wrong, its the people of the world who seem to have problem with us, america bombs muslim contry to make them free? how is it killing thousand innocent people brings freedome? america broke in borders of Iran and shot down an airplain filled with over hundreds of people and kill all, noone said nothing, what american did? gave the captain a medal, america gone to Iraq for weapons of mass destruction as excuse...even so if Iraq had any Weapons of mass destrucion whats with america? doesn't america have tons of nuclear war-heads? why is it american are allowed to have weapons but not a third country? who bombed Hiroshima?

beside terrorist aren't muslim if you actually read Quran instead of throwing it and ignore it you will see that Allah said "Who Kills Innocent People is not a muslim" beside why is it when a muslim do something he is a terrorist but when america does it they are heroes?

My friend terrorist kill even muslim people, a muslim will never harm his/her muslim sister or brother, so please don't consider terrorist as muslim, Islam is a Peacefull Religion, but there are people who use religion az excuse to do their own evil deeds, just like America with name of war against terrorist bombs countries.

And for those Images....thats is just shows how pathetic and lowlife some can be, if you insult anyone don't expect anyything nice in return.

Messing with people's religion is like messing with a lion. how you ever seen muslim person do any kind of thing to other religions? and please don't tell me terrorist and suicide bombers couse i already explained it above.

Instead bieng blockheads and insulting Muslim Think Why this things happen and for what reason.

Marvin said...

"..propagate the very essence of Islam: which is to accept Islam, pay protection money (Jizya) or die.."

Abul Kasem
The Root of Terrorism a la Islamic style
First published Aug 2004 at:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please consider posting the best Mohammad's cartoon ever. See it here