Friday, April 14, 2006

Must remove Harry Potter books

Mrs Mallory is asking for the Harry Potter books to be removed from the school system library.
"My personal religious views don't agree with these books," Mallory said. "We need for our children to read things that teach good morals. Harry Potter lies, cheats and steals and there is no accountability. There are better things for our children to be reading."
But this school system allows parental controls:
Students may check out the books while the system handles the complaint, school spokeswoman Sloan Roach said. Parents can request their children be prohibited from taking out any particular books, she said.
Won't be any books in the library if every book which offends one (1) person is removed.
Dear Mrs Mallory.
     Tell your children they are not to read these books.
     But allow other parents to decide for their children.
     Why are YOUR BELIEFS to be IMPOSED on ALL?

Iraq War Vet Shot, Killed

Atlanta police investigators found at least 13 shell casings from an assault rifle as they searched for clues in the early morning murder of an Iraqi war vet and military reservist Thursday. Police said the shots were likely fired from the passenger side window of another car whose driver was chasing the victim, 24-year-old Ryan Alexander Harmon.

As Harmon sped away after suffering two gunshot wounds to the back, his SUV slammed into a concrete pillar on Spring Street near I-20 in Atlanta about 1 a.m. Witnesses who ran to his side quickly realized that victim, who was slumped over the wheel, had been shot, police said. When emergency crews arrived on the scene, they discovered that Harmon had suffered the gunshot wounds to his back.

Police investigators later determined that the shooting of Harmon took place on Windsor Street in Downtown Atlanta, about 300 yards from where his 2002 Tahoe wrecked. Police found six bullet holes in the back of the vehicle.
To have survived a year in Iraq, to die in Atlanta.
Motive - still unknown.

All Questions, no answers

Yesterday's shooting in Atlanta - no updates.
Ryan Harmon, formerly of the 4 ID, dead.
His SUV crashed, ten bullet holes across the rear of the vehicle.
No shell casing at the crash scene, no information on where the car was shot.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Soldier killed in Atlanta


The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office identified the victim as Ryan

The updated story says Ryan Harmon returned from Iraq in March 2005, left the Army, and took a job as a gate guard at Fort Gilliam.
No information yet on where or why he was shot.

Will post updates as soon as I can.

The shooting victim was found in his bullet-riddled SUV in downtown Atlanta after he slammed into a concrete traffic divider at the corner of Forsyth and Spring Streets.
There are at least ten bullet holes in the tailgate of the vehicle, but police were unable to find any shell casings at the scene.
Investigators say the victim is a soldier stationed at Fort McPherson. He had returned from a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005.
Investigators are withholding the identity of the victim until they notify his next of kin.
A witness to the crash called police, and when officers arrived, they found
the vehicle riddled with bullet holes, and the man shot twice in the back. The
victim died at the scene.
Stephens said investigators do not know where the
shooting actually occurred, and have not determined a motive for the
The victim's name was being withheld until relatives could be
notified, but Stephens said he returned from a tour of duty in Iraq in March,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wild Weekend

Twas a wild weekend.
4am Saturday - Tornados in town. Tree down on back fence. Tree down on power and phone lines. Down the street, 3 houses in a row caught 3 different tress, no injuries. Electric restored on Monday, Phone Restored on Tuesday.

Sunday evening - Teenage daughter has first traffic accident. No injuries. Car out of action for a week or so. Bonus, Daughter also received first traffic ticket.

Wonder when my insurance company is going to notice two claims on the same weekend, plus the bonus citation for the kid. Wonder if I will soon be shopping for new insurance company.

But "no injuries" is the key phrase.