Thursday, May 18, 2006

Doom of 2006

Assume that they are above the law, ie: Kennedy
Assume that they don't need to wait for the courts. ie Murtha.
PA voters tossed 13 veteran RINOS in the primaries.
I predict that voters will purge Washington in 2006 - both parties will see lots of new faces.

Backstabbing SOB

Murtha is a backstabbing S.O.B.
His prejudicial statements concerning the actions of US Marines at Haditha last Nov. -- are completely irresponsible.
(dis)Honorable Murtha has unduly endangered American lives both civilian and military around the globe. His statements could prevent justice in this case.
How dare he declare those Marines guilty before the investigation is completed? So much for a fair trial.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Got Tagged

Sig94 over at Signal 94 has tagged me and now I am honor bound to blog on the Ten Simple Pleasures Of Life and then tag other bloggers. So here goes.

Waking-up next to my lovely wife of 22 years.

Telling our daughter, that I am proud of her.

Listening while people tell me how wonderful my wife is.

Listening while people tell me how wonderful my daughter is.

Watching my daughter do her gymnastics routines.

Having my dog help with the dishes.

Reading a good book.

Pushing the dog out of bed, so I can sleep.

Pushing the other dog out of bed, so I can sleep.

Kissing my wife.

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Just received the automated message from my child's high school.."....One or more of your children was absent today....." blah blah .
Then the message repeated in Spanish!!!!!

The other automated messages from the school, ie: "students taking the AP exams must return to school..."
Do not repeat in Spanish.

This school district is 70% white. upper middle class. And the remaining 30% is African, Latino, and some Eastern European.

Not a large percentage of spanish why repeated the "child was absent" message in Spanish.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Secure the Border

Mr President,
      SECURE the BORDER.
Keep the criminals out.
Make the workers obtain a visa.
      Remember that you, Mr President are in charge of securing our borders, and you do not have to appease the President of Mexico. If Mexico wants to export its workers to the USA, then the government of Mexico should negotiate for a legal path to allow its people to live/work in the USA.
Thank You