Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ahh, Ron Paul and legions of support

Iowa straw poll happenings:

Supporters of candidate Ron Paul had sought to block voting, arguing
that vote-counting machines had fundamental weaknesses, but a federal
judge refused to grant an injunction on Friday. The matter was appealed
to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, which on Saturday
upheld the ruling, said Matt McDermott, attorney for the Republican
Party of Iowa.

I guess the Ron Paul supporters are afraid of an actual not virtual ballot--since stuffing the actual ballot box is much more difficult than stuffing a virtual ballot box.

Not that the Iowa straw poll means a whole lot anyway.

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Quote for masses

“Lawlessness is lawlessness.
Anarchy is anarchy is anarchy.
race nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or

Justice Thurgood Marshall

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Corruption Congress

WASHINGTON -- Republicans returning to the House floor on Friday
morning Aug. 3 after their walkout the night before were surprised to
find as presiding officer the Democrat they call "King Corruption":
Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, master of earmarks and backroom
deals. Rep. Ed Pastor, a 64-year-old eight-term Democrat from Phoenix,
Ariz., who is affable and well-liked by Republicans, had been scheduled
to preside. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fearing parliamentary tricks by
Republicans, put her muscleman Murtha in the chair. Murtha's
performance as non-partisan presiding officer ran true to form. On a
voice vote, Murtha ruled for Democrats when obviously more Republicans
were on the House floor. He subsequently ordered a roll call vote,
though members rising in support clearly fell short of the 44 required.
After that ruling was challenged, Murtha declared: "The chair's
decision is not subject to question."

Comrade Murtha at his finest. Murtha the 'guilty till proven otherwise' ex-marine (one of only two ex-US Marines, the other - Lee Harvey Oswald) strikes another blow for Democratic government; aka My way or the highway.

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Justice for the Marines

The Haditha Marines, otherwise known as the Pendleton 8 are being declared innocent of the horrendous charges against them.

Congressmen Murtha declared them guilty, calling them cold-blooded killers. A backstabbing statement to every American Fighting man. Murtha believe they are guilty until proven otherwise.

But now, those very same Marines that Murtha stood up in front of the
world and declared to be out of control killers, are being exonerated
and cleared of the charges against them.

I wonder if Murhta can be sued for slander. He publicly denounced these young men. Murtha should pay.

President Bush, you need to intervene and praise these
Marines and chastise Murtha for his irresponsible actions against our
Armed Forces and against our country.

Are you outraged? You
should be! Write about this on your blog and spread the story until
Murtha can no longer ignore the consequences of his behavior. Write
your Senator and Congressmen and demand Justice for our Marines. Write
President Bush and let him know that the American people will not stand
for our Men at Arms being slandered and mistreated at the hands of our
elected officials.

Demand Justice for the Pendleton 8

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democrats worthy of praise

For their votes in favor of the revamped FISA law, these Democrats are worthy of praise. They have stood up and said that protecting America is important.

In the House:

Jason Altmire (4th Pennsylvania)
John Barrow (12th Georgia)
Melissa Bean (8th Illinois)
Dan Boren (2nd Oklahoma)
Leonard Boswell (3rd Iowa)
Allen Boyd (2nd Florida)
Christopher Carney (10th Pennsylvania)
Ben Chandler (6th Kentucky)
Rep. Jim Cooper (5th Tennessee)
Jim Costa (20th California)
Bud Cramer (5th Alabama)
Henry Cuellar (28th Texas)
Artur Davis (7th Alabama)
Lincoln Davis (4th Tennessee)
Joe Donnelly (2nd Indiana)
Chet Edwards (17th Texas)
Brad Ellsworth (8th Indiana)
Bob Etheridge (North Carolina)
Bart Gordon (6th Tennessee)
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (South Dakota)
Brian Higgins (27th New York)
Baron Hill (9th Indiana)
Nick Lampson (23rd Texas)
Daniel Lipinski (3rd Illinois)
Jim Marshall (8th Georgia)
Jim Matheson (2nd Utah)
Mike McIntyre (7th North Carolina)
Charlie Melancon (3rd Louisiana)
Harry Mitchell (5th Arizona)
Colin Peterson (7th Minnesota)
Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota)
Ciro Rodriguez (23rd Texas)
Mike Ross (4th Arkansas)
John Salazar (3rd Colorado)
Heath Shuler (11th North Carolina)
Vic Snyder (2nd Arkansas)
Zachary Space (18th Ohio)
John Tanner (8th Tennessee)
Gene Taylor (4th Mississippi)
Timothy Walz (1st Minnesota)
Charles A. Wilson (6th Ohio)

In the Senate:

Evan Bayh (Indiana)
Tom Carper (Delaware)
Bob Casey (Pennsylvania)
Kent Conrad (North Dakota)
Dianne Feinstein (California)
Daniel Inouye (Hawai‘i)
Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota)
Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)
Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas)
Claire McCaskill (Missouri)
Barbara Mikulski (Maryland)
Bill Nelson (Florida)
Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
Mark Pryor (Arkansas)
Ken Salazar (Colorado)
Jim Webb (Virginia)

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Monday, August 06, 2007