Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Iraq Funding Bill Is Pork Laden

Statement by Rep. Paul Gillmor (R,OH)

President Bush requested Congress pass a bill to provide $103 billion in emergency funding for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Katrina reconstruction efforts. I wanted to vote for the President’s request for additional funds for our troops because it is imperative that we support our men and women in uniform while they are fighting the Global War on Terror. They are talented, dedicated, and professional and should have every dollar they need for success.

Unfortunately, Democrat leaders have once again failed my constituents. The Democratic Party is split between abandoning our troops immediately versus abandoning our troops in two years. In order to gain enough support from the fringes of their party, Democrat leaders had to add $22 billion worth of pet projects to the war funding bill. Rather than convince members of their own party to support their
policy of micromanaging the war, Democrat leaders decided to buy their votes.

Maybe some of these projects can be justified but they are certainly not emergency spending for the troops. Democrats in Congress believe invented ‘emergencies’ such as spinach growing and peanut storage are just as important as the needs of our troops. Setting a date for withdrawal is as irresponsible as increasing a funding bill twenty percent to buy the votes of Members of Congress. Democrats are willing
to jeopardize the effectiveness of our military just to make a political statement.

$20 billion plus - to BUY VOTES that will help the enemies of civilization, this is aiding and abetting the DEFEAT of our Mission in IRAQ.

The DEMOCRATS want the United States of America DEFEATED.

The DEMOCRATS want to CUT and RUN.

I PRAY that the REPUBLICANS in the SENATE have enough backbone to defeat the defeatists.



Dear Congress,

We are making solid progress towards peace and stability in Iraq.

WHY does the Democrat Leadership want to UNDERMINE the efforts of our brave troops on the streets of Iraq?

PLEASE rethink your support of the barbarians who use children to sneak bombs past the checkpoints in Baghdad, and then KILL THE CHILDREN.

Is that your definition of civilized behavior?

Thank You,

U. S. Citizen (and registered voter)

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HamNation: Guide to Better Living

Micheal Yon, Best War Reporter of this Generation

Dear Mr. President,

Explain why General Brooks would want to expel Micheal Yon from Iraq.

Mr Yon is the 'Ernie Pyle' of his generation. He speaks truth, he respects the security and safety of the troops he writes about.

Please read his latest dispatch from Iraq:

Mr President, Please allow Micheal Yon to continue to report from the front, allow him to continue going on patrol with our troops.

Thank You

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get Well, Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator John Edwards, is suffering from a resurgent of her breast cancer.

I'll put you into my prayers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why We Fight

Children used in Iraqi militant attack -


By Kristin Roberts

WASHINGTON, March 20 (Reuters) - A
U.S. general on Tuesday said Iraqi insurgents used children in a
suicide attack this weekend, raising worries that the insurgency has
adopted a new tactic to get through security checkpoints with bombs.
Maj. Gen. Michael Barbero, deputy director for regional operations in
the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, said adults in a vehicle with two
children in the backseat were allowed through a Baghdad checkpoint.

adults then abandoned the vehicle and detonated it with the children
still inside
, he said. "Children in the back seat, lower
suspicion, we let it move through," he said. "They parked the vehicle,
the adults run out and detonate it with the children in the back."

(emphasis mine)

We Fight to Protect the Innocent from such Barbarians.

The barbaric Islamic Militants don't care about the children, they simply want to kill, and they don't care who dies.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering of Eagles

per Dymphna of Gates of Vienna:
Don’t believe the MSM — either their lying by entirely omitting any
mention of the numbers of people attending the Gathering of Eagles, or
their deliberate playing down of the numbers who did come. The Parks
and Service people counted thirty thousand patriots (30,000) gathered to protect the Wall.

Semper Fi

The "anti-war" protest had only ten thousand.

This protest had been professionally planned over the past year
and a grass roots organization of veterans - an effort lasting only 2 months
had 3 times as many folks in Washington DC.

Not all of the veterans support the war in Iraq, but they all wanted to prevent vandalism and destruction of the memorials to our war dead.