Saturday, July 22, 2006

8 is Great!


Landis had a 'legendary' comeback stage in the mountains, after a almost failing to finish the day before.

Floyd Landis, American, former teammate of Lance Armstrong, American; has the lead in the Tour de France going into the final stage.

1999 Lance Armstrong USA
2000 Lance Armstrong USA
2001 Lance Armstrong USA
2002 Lance Armstrong USA
2003 Lance Armstrong USA
2004 Lance Armstrong USA
2005 Lance Armstrong USA
2006 Floyd Landis USA

These victories plus Greg Lemond's 3 tour wins in 1989 and early 90's.
Mean Americans have won the tour 11 times in the last 17 years.


Friday, July 21, 2006

"Army of God" is the Lebanese People

LGF has the FoxNews Video of Jennifer Griffin explaining that the people of south Lebanon are the 'Army of God' (hezbollah).

Helter Shelter

Go read the whole article at Cox and Forkum

Hear, O Israel

PM Olmert speech to the Knesset

The plan for the defense of Israel

Israel Matzav: Wahhabi cleric issues fatwa against Hezbullah

Wahhabi cleric issues fatwa against Hezbullah

But will Osama bin Hiding listen to and obey this Fatwa?

Do I Care?

Live from an Israeli bunker: Let loose the dogs of war

Let loose the dogs of war:

The ground war begins, Israeli troops to march north to seek out and destory 'The Army of God' (Hezbollah).

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Live from an Israeli bunker: Some very bad news

Some very bad news

Information is coming in that Hezbollah is firing on Lebanese citizens who are trying to flee their towns after being warned by the IDF to leave the area. They want to go, and Hezbollah is now literally using them as a human shield. Some of them have actually been calling friends and family here stating this!

But the Israeli Forces need to stop harming innocent people!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bummer - McKinney looks to win


District 4
Precincts Reporting: 88 of 167 (53%)
Candidate Votes Vote %
Cynthia McKinney (I)[winner] 14224 47%
Hank Johnson 13691 45%
John Coyne 2331 8%

UPDATE: McKinney vs Johnson in runoff election Aug 8th..
Go Hank Go

McKinney is behind in early results


U.S. Congress
Democrat U.S. Congress District 4
CandidateVotesPercent Winner
John Coyne 980 9%
Hank Johnson 5,43549%
Cynthia McKinney 4,71742%
Precincts Reporting - 48 out of 167 - 28%

Israel Matzav

Israel Matzav

Another blogger in Israel....He is further south, knows where his shelter is located...but hasn't had to use it ..Yet

Live from an Israeli bunker

Live from an Israeli bunker

Just like WWII - Britons lived in their bomb shelters during the blitz. ('cept the bombs are fewer and smaller).

Go visit the bunker

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where's the Dixie Chicks?

Really, now the VietCong had Hanoi Jane to sing to them.
This sniper aiming at US Soldiers should have the Dixie Chicks there.
What was the NYT thinking? No songs, by Americans to support them.

Hey, Mr Keller, editor NYT...The savages of the VietCong get Jane Fonda
and these Muslim (murders) of the religion of peace get nothing...That is prejudical, Mr Keller, you are not treating these brave murdering Islamic scum with proper respect.

h/t Michelle