Saturday, November 11, 2006

Deny Islamists reward in Iraq

by William Shawcross:

George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard are still right: a pullout would condemn the region to horror.

October 27, 2006

IRAQ'S Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih made an excellent impression in London this week but he was surprised, if not horrified, by the level of hysteria and defeatism that he found in the media.

The bias in much of the coverage of Iraq - in Britain, the US and Australia - helps only those violent extremists who are trying to destroy the country.

It dreadfully discourages all those millions of Iraqis who need our support to build a decent society.

Go Read the Whole Thing

Veteran's Day

11/11/18 @ 11:11 am - The War to End All Wars Ended with an Armistice.

The War to End All Wars - too bad it became the war which gave birth to greater and more terrible wars.

But today, we thank those who have and ARE defending FREEDOM.
The men and women who risked their lives to protect ours.
My family has served between wars, myself included, but we served our nation.

To my fellow VETERANS.


Friday, November 10, 2006

The Pledge

MSNBC Poll: Should Bush be impeached?

This is what I posted to the comments at Hotair:

NSA Monitoring of Terrorists - LEGAL - Authorized by the AUMF in both 2001 and 2003. These are international calls. NSA can and should be monitoring them. (I can write a better decision than the biased judge in Michigan.)

SWIFT Monitoring of suspected financial transactions - LEGAL - the NYT admitted it was legal. This has stopped terrorism.

Lies leading to war. NONE - The US Senate has investigated and found there were no lies. This doesn’t even include the fact that Senators and Congressmen can request and receive more detailed briefings, they are supposed to provide oversight to our intelligence community. The lazy Senators and Congressmen did not bother.

President Bush has committed no crimes, But go ahead investigate, even go so far as to bring it to a floor vote in the House…It wouldn’t pass, Bush will not be impeached.

The investigations will simply prove Bush pushed the limits of his authority to defend this nation.

Marvin on November 10, 2006 at 9:18 PM

But 87% of the responders at MSNBC - want to impeach President Bush and welcome President Cheney.

The Democratic desperation to get 'payback' for the Impeachment of President Clinton, Who did commit Perjury, Who did have Sexual Relations with an Intern, Some Democrats want to Impeach Bush regardless of whether any crime has been committed or whether the impeachment investigations will increase the danger of a terrorist attack on US soil.

Project Valour IT

Project Valour It was started by Soldiers Angels - This project provides voice operated laptops for wounded veterans.
From now till Veterans Day, there is a fund raising competition between the services to which team can raise the most money. Army (ugh), NAVY (OH YEAH!), Air Farce (Force), or Grunts (Marines).

To donate click on the link on the starboardsidebar.

Laptops are provided based on need, not branch of service.
for more information - Soldiers Angels


USMC - 231 years young

Yep, 231 years ago, The colonies decided they needed some Marines. They immediately sent the recruiters to a nearby tavern. The Navy has had 'passengers' ever since.

I for one, am damn glad we have the Marines.

Semper Fi

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What to do? What to do?

Yes, the Democrats control Congress. but very narrowly.

It only takes 1 Democrat Senator to vote with the Republicans and VP Cheney gets to cast the deciding vote.

Many Democrats had to campaign as moderates to win, which means in 2 years, they will again have to campaign as moderates to hold their seats.

We need to contact our Congresscritters - all 3 of them (YOUR Congressman, and YOUR 2 Senators) Tell them what you want. Keep telling them. Make sure your friends and neighbors are also telling them what to do.

During this upcoming 'lame duck' session - it is vital to press for what we want.

Then in January, the real work begins.

Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent - I don't want to see a 30% increase in my taxes, I bet your liberal neighbors don't really want to pay higher taxes.

Don't Increase the Minimum Wage - This will REDUCE the number of jobs, causing lower employment, INCREASING entitlement payouts, DECREASING profits, FORECLOSING Small Businesses, LOWERING Tax Revenues.......
A Recession or even a Depression, which the Democrats will try to blame on Bush.

Stay in Iraq, for as long as it takes - A major change in the number of US Troops - up or down - would be a mistake. The trouble in Iraq is concentrated in Baghdad. The SOLUTION in IRAQ will be created by the Iraqis, we must help them arrive at a solution. We must nudge them along in finding the solution, but it must be their solution.

Secure the Southern Border - This is the first step in dealing with illegal immigration. Deportation is a joke if our border is not secure. All other nations build walls/fences/barriers to secure their borders as required.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Blackfive reminds us, that on 11/8/65, the 173rd Airborne was ambushed by 1200 Vietcong.
During a night of vicious close combat, 48 Americans lost their lives. (some 400+ Vietcong lost theirs)

I will raise a toast to 173rd Airborne tonight.

Therapy, Republican Style

Sorry Michelle, but therapy may be required.

Under the close supervision of a qualified range master, of course.

Therapy, Republican Style:

Take favorite Firearm(s),
Drive SUV to local gun range,
Expend 200 (or more) rounds,
Police your brass,
Clean your weapon(s),
Return Home,
Stow your Firearms properly,
Get kids out of house,
Seduce your spouse,
Pro-create, to your heart's content!

Now you should feel better,
If not, Pro-create again.

Therapy, Republican Style.


The GOP Lost.

Standby for impeachment hearings,
not that Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld have committed any crimes.
Lack of criminal conduct,
Lack of facts to support impeachment,
Will not stop Rep. Rangel, He will never allow facts to stop him.

Standby for higher taxes - The Bush Tax Cuts will expire and
bam, a 30% INCREASE in Taxes.
Standby for higher unemployment, much higher,
Standby for a recession.

Standby for our DEFEAT in Iraq,
Standby to watch millions of Iraqis die,
Standby for oil prices to climb, if you thought $3 a gallon was too high,
just wait till it hits $5 a gallon.

Standby for a bloody world war against Islamists, this will be a war fought in the streets, a war against the western governments who will not defend against Sharia Law, first it was no drinks in the cab....

BUT this gloom and doom CAN BE AVOIDED.

Contact your Congressmen and Senators,
DEMAND they vote for making the Tax Cuts Permanent.
ASK them to SUPPORT FREEDOM in Iraq.
TELL them to not waste time on Impeachment.

find a good person to be your next Congressmen.
Start now, to make it happen in 2008.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mid-Term elections

We can not give up now.

The mid-term is local.

Is YOUR CongressCritter doing what you want them to do?
Is there a better choice on the ballot in YOUR district?

Democrats will 'cut and run' in defeat - destorying all the progress that has been made in Iraq. This will embolden terrorist to increase attacks on the US and our Allies around the globe. We are safer while Al Queda is fighting US in Iraq. To surrender and give them Iraq - would sentence the Iraqi people to Taliban style torture - would allow Al Queda to focus their resources on another '9/11' size or larger attack on Western Civilization.

Democrats will INCREASE taxes beyond just allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. The increase in taxes will cause the economy to crash, which is what the Democrats want before the 2008 election, to improve their chances of getting back into the White House.

See the Lizardarian Manifesto

UPDATE - Message for the Defeatocrats and RINOs

Why Vote Republican?

More important matters bumped this down.
Bumped to top, will remain on top till election day.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Even if it takes an hour, I want your voice heard.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

NPR pimping the Lancet studies

Right now, I am suffering listening to NPR here in Atlanta..They are promoting the Lancet studies - the over inflated numbers of deaths in Iraq, both studies the 2004 and 2006.

Disgusting attempt to sway the election.

Slow week recovering from surgery.

I am recovering from having my gall bladder removed last week. Sorta slows down the blogging.