Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mid-Term elections

We can not give up now.

The mid-term is local.

Is YOUR CongressCritter doing what you want them to do?
Is there a better choice on the ballot in YOUR district?

Democrats will 'cut and run' in defeat - destorying all the progress that has been made in Iraq. This will embolden terrorist to increase attacks on the US and our Allies around the globe. We are safer while Al Queda is fighting US in Iraq. To surrender and give them Iraq - would sentence the Iraqi people to Taliban style torture - would allow Al Queda to focus their resources on another '9/11' size or larger attack on Western Civilization.

Democrats will INCREASE taxes beyond just allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. The increase in taxes will cause the economy to crash, which is what the Democrats want before the 2008 election, to improve their chances of getting back into the White House.

See the Lizardarian Manifesto

UPDATE - Message for the Defeatocrats and RINOs

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