Friday, February 15, 2008

Change the Rules after the Election.

Yep, it is the Clinton/Gore way;
change the rules after the election...
because they can not win by following the rules.
Clinton only follows the rules/law when it benefits her.


The Hillary Clinton campaign has served notice that it expects to
claim delegates theoretically garnered in primary votes in Michigan and
Florida even though the contests in both states were declared void by
the Democratic leadership long before they were held.

The highly controversial gambit reflects growing concern in the
Clinton camp that her rival for the nomination, Barack Obama, may be
pulling far enough ahead to be beyond her reach. Yesterday, David
Plouffe, Mr Obama’s campaign manager, said it had become “highly
unlikely” that Mrs Clinton could now prevail.

But reclaiming the “phantom” delegates from Michigan and Florida
could potentially tilt the race back in her favour. Last September,
both candidates pledged not to campaign in either state after they
defied party rules by leapfrogging their primary votes into January.

Clinton = Cheat

Moslem Rioting in Denmark

From AFP:

At least 11 cars were torched in various neighbourhoods of Copenhagen, and 10 others in the nearby town of Kokkedal.

On Thursday, 17 youths were arrested for rioting the previous night.

"We don't know why they're rioting. I think it's because they're bored. Some people say it's because of the cartoons but that's not my opinion," Olesen said.

He was referring to the reprinting of a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in 17 Danish newspapers on Wednesday.

Protests have flared up again in several Muslim countries including Kuwait and Pakistan following the reprinting. The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas also condemned the publication...

Three people were arrested for planning the murder, including two Tunisians who have lived in Denmark for more than seven years and whom Denmark has decided to expel without a trial.

"We don't know why they're rioting. I think it's because they're bored. Some people say it's because of the cartoons but that's not my opinion,"


Everybody in the real world knows it is because of the cartoons.
Moslems riot for childish reasons.

Moslems are rioting because the cartoonists dare draw the truth.

The TRUTH is:


That is the only way to explain Islam.

Moslems will force people to convert to Islam.
Islam holds its 'faithful' by pain of death.
To convert away from Islam, earns an Islamic death sentence.


Shamelessly borrowed from Michelle Malkin:

Zombie e-mails:
I think it's important that the West stands up on this
issue: if we cave into Muslim demands for self-censorship, our freedom of speech
will be taken away forever.
Exactly right. And for those who think this isn't
affecting us, open your eyes:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Berkeley: Home of the Intolerant

Berkeley, the birthplace of free speech, is now officially the center
of intolerant hatred for anyone who sticks up for the men and women who
are fighting and dying to protect THEIR rights.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Colors of the Anti-war crowd

Is it just me or is the irony of anti-war crowd visible to all? I guess
that I cannot understand why I am accused of being a violent and evil
person when I am not the person that is physically attacking those who
don’t share my opinion on how to conduct foreign policy. The fact that
the Pinkers had to hit people with signs and throw rocks into the MAF
crowd just shows their contempt for the First Amendment, well at least
when it is an opinion that they do not agree with.

The CodePINKers have been attacking the pro-victory, we support the troops crowd today in Berkeley.
The Berkeley Police have taken the CodePINK side by allowing them to assault the pro-victory crowd.
The Move America Forward protest has been denied equal treatment under the law. The City of Berkeley does not support 'free speech' if they disagree with the speaker.
The liberals can not stand dissent. They work to silence any opposing point of view, which is what nazis and communists do.
Liberals oppose freedom. They demand submission to their thought control.
Liberals hate freedom. They have no rational arguments to support their views so they work to suppress any and all opposing points of view.

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Democrats oppose the Marine Corps

Senate Democrats left two days of legislative business
officially open last week, hobbling GOP efforts to bring up a bill
punishing a liberal California city for scolding Marine Corps

Republicans said Democrats clearly wanted to avoid being forced to
choose between the Marine Corps or Berkeley, Calif., known for its
liberalism and fervent anti-war positions.

Instead of adjourning at the end of a day as usual, the Senate
“recessed” twice, a move that, under Senate rules, slows the process of
adding new bills to the calendar. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)
did not adjourn until last Friday, effectively pushing back floor
consideration on the GOP bill until Tuesday — the same day that the
city council is likely to tone down its call for Marine Corps
recruiters to leave town.

“The only reason to recess is to block something, and the thing that
got blocked by Reid’s stall tactic was the Semper Fi Act,” said
spokesman Wesley Denton, referring to the bill introduced by his boss,
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

“Democrats have chosen not to defend the Marine Corps, but to pander
to anti-war protesters and Berkeley officials that are actively trying
to impede military recruitment.”

More Injustice by the City of Berkeley

Berkeley Police Watch “Peace” Freaks attack Patriots

Berkeley erupted in violence Tuesday morning when the Communist,
terrorist-supporting anti-war group crossed into Martin Luther King
Park and assaulted pro-troop individuals. Riot police stood by, but did
not stop the assaults. Police agencies did not respond to calls for

Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization,
received permits from the City of Berkeley to hold a daylong
demonstration in MLK park against the City Council who passed three
outrageous resolutions calling U.S. Marines “unwanted intruders.”

“It is mayhem on here,” MAF communications director Danny Gonzalez said from the park early Tuesday morning.

Code Pink was permitted for across the street. The two sides were to
stay separated, according to rules laid down by the city. But the city
has a history of giving Code Pink special preference. The City Council
gave free parking permits and a free noise permit to the radical group,
which has helped fund terrorist families in Iraq with a $600,000 gift.
MAF Exeutive Director Catherine Moy attempted to get help from the
Berkeley police as the mayhem unfolded, but an officer hung up on Moy.
Moy asked the California Highway Patrol to help in the emergency, but
the CHP refused. “I have never in my life experienced such inaction in
the face of an emergency, “Moy said. “I will ask the Federal Government
to investigate, as well as the State Attorney General. It is one thing
to give free parking places to the City Council’s special interest
anti-war groups, it is another to take sides and endanger the lives of

Move America Forward and other pro-troop organizations will stand in
support of the Marines all day Tuesday until they can enter the City
Council chambers to address the City Council.

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New Clinton Campiagn Manager

Obama needs a larger security force protecting him.
Among Billaryland's inner circle, Maggie Williams is renowned as the
ultimate Hillary loyalist, fierce and unwavering in her devotion for
nearly 25 years.

A Kansas City native, Williams, 53, was a central player in the Clinton damage-control machine during the White House years.

In 1995, a uniformed Secret Service officer swore under oath he saw
her leave White House lawyer and Hillary confidant Vince Foster's
office carrying documents after Foster committed suicide. Williams
denied it.

Berkeley and Code Pink

Move America Forward is supporting the Marine Corps Recruiters who are under attack by the City of Berkeley and Code Pink.

Just got an email from our friend Melanie Morgan of

They went to Berkeley to meet with City Officials about their upcoming protest, and…well, here, I’ll just paste in her email:

Catherine Moy, our Executive Director for Move America Forward, met
with Berkeley City officials today, including representatives of the
police department about our rally and protest of Berkeley’s outrageous
resolution condemning our Marines at the Recruiting Center as ‘unwanted
and uninvited intruders.’

Um, it did not go so well.

Oddly, some were outwardly HOSTILE towards our patriots.

Cat Moy suggested that the city of Berkeley just start waterboarding us right now.

The police liason was NOT amused.

Among the demands from the bureaucrats is that we provide:


-shut down our sound system at 5:00 when our rally is scheduled to begin!

-and many other ridiculous permit rules.

CodePink has preferred parking, free sound permits, and two City
Council Members plotting over the weekend to deny us our right to speak
at the Council meeting at 7:00 tomorrow night. Oops, did I say 7:00?
Now it appears the Council is meeting secretly at 5:00 in the

Fascism by Regulation.

It’s what Berkeley does best.


Move America Forward is not receiving 'equal treatment under the law'. They need to file a Federal lawsuit against the City of Berkeley.

Changing the time of a public meeting - I doubt if proper and legal notice of the change was posted.

Extending benefits to one group and not others.

Imposing additional burdens on one group and not others.

Sue the City of Berkeley, I don't think the 9th Circuit can defend their actions.

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