Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Berkeley and Code Pink

Move America Forward is supporting the Marine Corps Recruiters who are under attack by the City of Berkeley and Code Pink.

Just got an email from our friend Melanie Morgan of MoveAmericaForward.com.

They went to Berkeley to meet with City Officials about their upcoming protest, and…well, here, I’ll just paste in her email:

Catherine Moy, our Executive Director for Move America Forward, met
with Berkeley City officials today, including representatives of the
police department about our rally and protest of Berkeley’s outrageous
resolution condemning our Marines at the Recruiting Center as ‘unwanted
and uninvited intruders.’

Um, it did not go so well.

Oddly, some were outwardly HOSTILE towards our patriots.

Cat Moy suggested that the city of Berkeley just start waterboarding us right now.

The police liason was NOT amused.

Among the demands from the bureaucrats is that we provide:


-shut down our sound system at 5:00 when our rally is scheduled to begin!

-and many other ridiculous permit rules.

CodePink has preferred parking, free sound permits, and two City
Council Members plotting over the weekend to deny us our right to speak
at the Council meeting at 7:00 tomorrow night. Oops, did I say 7:00?
Now it appears the Council is meeting secretly at 5:00 in the

Fascism by Regulation.

It’s what Berkeley does best.


Move America Forward is not receiving 'equal treatment under the law'. They need to file a Federal lawsuit against the City of Berkeley.

Changing the time of a public meeting - I doubt if proper and legal notice of the change was posted.

Extending benefits to one group and not others.

Imposing additional burdens on one group and not others.

Sue the City of Berkeley, I don't think the 9th Circuit can defend their actions.

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