Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Colors of the Anti-war crowd

Is it just me or is the irony of anti-war crowd visible to all? I guess
that I cannot understand why I am accused of being a violent and evil
person when I am not the person that is physically attacking those who
don’t share my opinion on how to conduct foreign policy. The fact that
the Pinkers had to hit people with signs and throw rocks into the MAF
crowd just shows their contempt for the First Amendment, well at least
when it is an opinion that they do not agree with.

The CodePINKers have been attacking the pro-victory, we support the troops crowd today in Berkeley.
The Berkeley Police have taken the CodePINK side by allowing them to assault the pro-victory crowd.
The Move America Forward protest has been denied equal treatment under the law. The City of Berkeley does not support 'free speech' if they disagree with the speaker.
The liberals can not stand dissent. They work to silence any opposing point of view, which is what nazis and communists do.
Liberals oppose freedom. They demand submission to their thought control.
Liberals hate freedom. They have no rational arguments to support their views so they work to suppress any and all opposing points of view.

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