Friday, February 15, 2008

Change the Rules after the Election.

Yep, it is the Clinton/Gore way;
change the rules after the election...
because they can not win by following the rules.
Clinton only follows the rules/law when it benefits her.


The Hillary Clinton campaign has served notice that it expects to
claim delegates theoretically garnered in primary votes in Michigan and
Florida even though the contests in both states were declared void by
the Democratic leadership long before they were held.

The highly controversial gambit reflects growing concern in the
Clinton camp that her rival for the nomination, Barack Obama, may be
pulling far enough ahead to be beyond her reach. Yesterday, David
Plouffe, Mr Obama’s campaign manager, said it had become “highly
unlikely” that Mrs Clinton could now prevail.

But reclaiming the “phantom” delegates from Michigan and Florida
could potentially tilt the race back in her favour. Last September,
both candidates pledged not to campaign in either state after they
defied party rules by leapfrogging their primary votes into January.

Clinton = Cheat

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Texas Truth said...

That is the Clintons/ They paly by their rules. If they don't like the rules, they change them. If you don't like their changes, well remember Vince Foster.