Friday, October 20, 2006

Republican Plan

Create new jobs - by lowering taxes. Increases tax base, Increases tax revenues.
95% employment.

Dow Jones over 12,000 - New record high.

Aggressively fight terrorism. Monitor international calls involving possible terrorists, monitor international banking transactions, hold dangerous persons at Gitmo, get information from them.

Democrat's have a Plan.

The plan is to Impeach both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.

But will this leak derail the plan?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who are Democrats?

Take a good look. This asshole is the new face of the new 21st Century Democrat Party. A party which has become a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros' empire. If you are a Democrat who doesn't think this way and believe that you can take the Party back from the wackjobs like this then listen up.


There aren't enough of you. There weren't enough of you to keep a moonbat dilettante political beginner without a real hope of winning the general election from beating Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary in Connecticut. If you don't hate Jews you don't belong in the Democrat Party any longer. If you don't believe that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam and Kim are all morally superior to George W Bush you don't belong in the Democrat Party.

Religion of Peace (not)

The photos at Little Green Footballs say it all.

LGF reader “Pawn of the Oppressor” says that’s not an AK-47, but a Persian Mauser—and this wasn’t an unusual event.

It was, and is, used in official Friday prayer ceremonies. The speaker is required to have ‘the weapon of the day’ by his side, according to the tradition of the Prophet (he apparently used a sword).

The speaker at Friday Prayers is required to pack a weapon, so they can preach their "Religion of Peace"? And this according to the tradition of the Prophet (Pigs Be Upon Him) .

Islam is a Death Cult

TSA Ad on YouTube

Fellow Pirate Dread Pundit Bluto is pissed about this appallingly ignorant spot.
Bluto is a former TSA Security screener.
The Ad mocks the "politically correct" screening procedures dictated from Washington DC. Procedures which are not focused on identifying real threats but only giving the impression of security. Procedures which forbid marking "Young Middle Eastern Men" as possible terrorists.
Procedures which force the airport screeners to treat an elderly lady as the same threat as a young Muslim person.
Bluto takes it personally that this ad makes the screeners look like idiots.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Back from Golden event.

A 50th wedding anniversary for my folks...

wow, Dad has put up with Mom for 50 years...
my Dad is very tough and doesn't talk much.

Attention Folks

The election is not, repeat not, a foregone conclusion.

Polls can be wrong....

Democrat Charlie Rangel has already spent the additional taxes that he intends to levy if the Democrats take control of Congress. By the way, these are additional taxes on top of the expiring Bush tax cuts.
Democrats want to destory the US economy, so they can blame Bush for the bad economy and con Americans into electing a Democrat President.

The most important thing is to vote. Don't sit the election out. Go vote, and choose the best of a bad lot.