Saturday, May 12, 2007

Religious Difference

From Iraq War Today

At any rate, I don't buy it. A Muslim friend of a friend said once that although he's lived in America all of his life, although he loves this country, if a fatwah came down to kill Americans, he'd be obligated to do it.

Let's think about that for a second. If the Pope said, "OK, folks, time to kill all the Jews - it's the religious obligation of all Catholics to do so," the collective Catholic following would say, "Time for a new Pope," not "Where do we start?!"

Go read the entire rant.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Politics, Less Help for the People

Good Lord are those Democrats touchy!

Yesterday afternoon, I posted about
allegations that Howard Dean had manipulated KS Governor Sebelius into criticizing the White House about federal response to the Greensburg tornado, as did others (a Technorati search should enlighten you as to how viral the story has become in the blogosphere).

The offended souls at the DNC have whittled down the reaction time to a very impressive overnight. Their lawyers sent a letter to both XM Satellite Radio (the ones who originally got the purported information) and to our buddies over at Free Republic.
Both letters are not only denials of the facts as I mentioned them yesterday, but they also contain injuctions to cease and desist any further dissemination of allegations relating to this matter.

Did I just witness the 1st Amendment take a pick axe to the head?

Democrats: 10% is all we can send, so we can blame Bush for not helping.

Democrats: Politics first, Help People in need second

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Fred's Word

"A French president who openly admires America is an embarrassment to those who view us as the country bumpkin cousins of the sophisticated Europeans. American pundits and politicians who say we should change our foreign policies to win the European popularity contest ought to be feeling a little embarrassed too."

(Fred Thompson @ NRO)

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Thanks, John Doe

"If we didn't get that tip," said U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie in New Jersey, "I couldn't be sure what would happen."

M. Zuhdi Jasser, director of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, agrees that the FBI's arrests show the need to protect the principle of "see something, say something."

"What if this 'John Doe' had contrarily chosen to be silent due to a fear of litigation?" Dr. Jasser said.

Thanks, from one 'John Doe' to another 'John Doe'.

Conventional Stupidity

via Michelle Malkin

So much for anti-Americanism, says the Examiner:

Amazing, isn’t it, how the conventional wisdom that holds sway among many sophisticated — i.e. liberal — Washingtonians and New Yorkers is often so completely divorced from reality. These folks have come to take it as a given that America’s involvement in Iraq has inflicted severe damage to our nation’s image abroad, especially in Europe. But the most recent national election results from France and Germany demonstrate that this “truth” about George W. Bush’s America is about as credible as the recurring rumor that Elvis is actually alive and well flipping hamburgers in happy obscurity somewhere near Seattle...

Hey, Elvis flips a very tasty burger.

Appeal for Courage

Reposted from The Cook Shack -- Gab & Grub

Well Bluto's request, I borrowed and posted this....and I agree completely....

The Latest Mainstream Media Lie... a lie of omission.

John Hinderaker at Powerline writes about The Appeal for Courage:

As an American currently serving my nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat. I also respectfully urge my political leaders to actively oppose media efforts which embolden my enemy while demoralizing American support at home.

The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Middle East and protect America from further attack.It was signed by 2,700 active duty service men and women, and the only place you'll read about it is on blogs like this one. Not your local newspaper, not CNN, certainly not NBC or CBS - not even Fox, so often accused of leaning right. But you'll certainly hear about three disgruntled generals and their hissy fits over strategy and tactics.

That's news, at least as profoundly biased mainstream media types define it. It should shame
every one of us that those who are putting their lives at risk for our freedom and safety feel the need to publicly ask the folks at home and their representatives to grow a pair of balls.

As a Disabled Vet, I am becoming so ashamed of our Government...and most certainly the MSM of this country....


As a veteran, the domestic enemies of freedom - MSM - disgust me to no end. They are nothing but idiots who are to stupid to see how their actions endanger the very freedoms they abuse.


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Politics First, Helping People Second

Kansas Governor Sebelius was instructed by Howard dean to NOT ask for Federal Aid, then to claim help was slow in coming.

XM Radio’s Quinn & Rose made the allegation that DNC Chairman Howard Dean called Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius early Sunday morning and instructed her not to request federal assistance in recovery from the Greensburg tornado, and to lie about the federal response to date, on their show, The War Room, today. After I discussed the story via phone with both Quinn and Rose today, here’s what they sent me.

Democrats: Politics First, Help People Second

Senator Sam Brownback told Governor Sebelius that he was very disappointed in her, She pleaded “You know me Sam, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t have to.” She declared “Howard (Dean) called me around 5 o’clock (in the morning) and told me not to ask The White House for any help or make any statements until I heard
back. Dick (Durban?) called me an hour or 2 later and that’s when he told me we needed to use this ‘n’ said to talk about the Guard all bein’ at war.”

She then explained the thinking; “Speaker and Harry got so much heat on them from both sides over this damn war, ‘n’ they need to get the press on somethin’ else. I didn’t think it was right to use it like this either, but I didn’t see’s I had much choice in this climate, Sam.”

Democrats: Politics First, Help People Second

Of course, only 10% of the state National Guard members were called in to help before the governor held the press conference on "shortages".

Democrats: Politics First, Help People Second

Tully, who lives in the area, reported this from Greensburg:

Wichita and Sedgwick County crews were already on standby because of the storms
sweeping the state, and were in Greensburg within two hours. It's a hundred miles away. Do the math.

Acquaintances on one of those first teams told me that when they got there, the highway in had already been cleared and locals with chainsaws and pick-ups were well into clearing the streets so that rescue vehicles could go anywhere. By dawn heavy equipment from the region was already pouring in, and they had to start cordoning off the town because there were too many volunteers there with equipment. By Sunday when Sebelius made her insulting remarks, there were traffic jams on the highway from utility crews piled up, coming in to "safe" the gas and electric.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Democrat 10% Aid Response

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) tries to blame Washington for her decision to only send 10% of the available National Guard resources to help the victims in Greensburg, KS.

10% of the available National Guard in Kansas was all that this Democrat sent to help her people. (600 of some 6000).

Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback disputed claims by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius that a deadly Kansas tornado exposed holes in National Guard readiness caused by the Iraq war.

Sebelius said Monday that Kansas is missing about half its National Guard trucks and many well-trained personnel that could have helped respond to last weekend's tornado in Greensburg, Kan. The twister killed at least 10 people and razed the farming town.

"The issue for the National Guard is the same wherever you go in the country. Stuff that we would have borrowed is gone. It's gone across the country," she said Monday.

Brownback said Tuesday that local officials and the Kansas National Guard commander all told him they have the resources needed to respond.

"That's what really got me, is her saying that," Brownback said in an interview.

"So I asked, privately and publicly, the adjutant general, do you have the equipment you need?" he said. "Because if you don't, we're going to hit Fort Riley and McConnell (Air Force Base) and other places to make sure we have all the equipment we need to respond to disasters. Everybody there said no, we have the equipment we needed."


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Monday, May 07, 2007

Was Bin Laden Right?

go to My Pet Jawa and learn!

Learning from History

In 480 BCE a small group of warriors stood against millions. They knew
they faced almost certain death. They knew that they probably would not
receive reinforcements. And yet they held their ground, they refused to
retreat and their actions did nothing less than save Western
civilization. This is the story of 300 Spartans who held off the two million man army of Xerxes of Persia.

It is also the story of the Alamo, where a few hundred men delayed the advancing thousands of the Mexican army, where the volunteers from Tennessee stood tall.

It is also the story of Bataan and Corigidor (sp?), where the US 1st Army stood and fought, for months, until they were exhausted.

Three examples of smaller forces, standing tall, fighting and dying - to give freedom and democracy a chance to survive.

The men knew what they fought for,

they knew they would not prevail,

they stood and fought anyway.

Is freedom and democracy worth fighting and dying for?

What price shall we pay to stop the creeping chaos?

Iraq and Afganistan - the United States has lost and average of 2 soldiers a day. Plus, we keep the fight against the Islamofacist 'over there' and off of our streets.

But some the fight is on our streets - the 'flying Imams' and their lawsuit to silence the reporting of 'unusual behavior'. They are working to weaken our protections here at home.

We need the 300 today.

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The French prove they are smart!

The election of Nicolas Sarkozy as president of La Belle France, with his affirmations of friendship for the United States, a firm stand against Islamism, and a rejection of the socialism that has pretty much turned France into an economic basket case, is proof that the majority of the French still have functioning brains and are still able to think for themselves.

I hope President Sarkozy can bring France back from the edge of self-destruction.

I hope he can reestablish law and order in ALL French neighborhoods. The 'Special Administrative Zones' set-up by former President Chirac, are a sign of defeat and surrender to chaos and mob rule.

I hope President Sarkozy can save Europe from the European Union and its looming oppression of Europeans.