Friday, May 11, 2007

More Politics, Less Help for the People

Good Lord are those Democrats touchy!

Yesterday afternoon, I posted about
allegations that Howard Dean had manipulated KS Governor Sebelius into criticizing the White House about federal response to the Greensburg tornado, as did others (a Technorati search should enlighten you as to how viral the story has become in the blogosphere).

The offended souls at the DNC have whittled down the reaction time to a very impressive overnight. Their lawyers sent a letter to both XM Satellite Radio (the ones who originally got the purported information) and to our buddies over at Free Republic.
Both letters are not only denials of the facts as I mentioned them yesterday, but they also contain injuctions to cease and desist any further dissemination of allegations relating to this matter.

Did I just witness the 1st Amendment take a pick axe to the head?

Democrats: 10% is all we can send, so we can blame Bush for not helping.

Democrats: Politics first, Help People in need second

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