Thursday, May 03, 2007

Message to Speaker Pelosi

To: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Harry Reid, U.S. Senate Democrat Leader

Congress has passed and President Bush has vetoed H.R. 1591, the Iraq Surrender Act of 2007.

This legislation, which you worked to pass, sets a timetable for surrender. It pulls the rug out from under our troops. That is shameful and wrong.

Your actions have already emboldened the enemy. Violent jihadists now know that the elected leadership of Congress would undermine the troops by holding their funding hostage to demands for surrender.

This Congress would bring us back to the dark days of the 1970s, when the world doubted our staying power. Except only much worse. Withdraw in April 2008, and on May 1, Iraq becomes an unchecked den of terrorism at the heart of the Middle East -- a new base for the same people that struck our homeland on September 11th.

I stand with our troops. I stand for victory. I support the President's veto and will urge my representatives to vote to sustain it.

There can be one and only one outcome in Iraq: We win, they lose.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Capital Fraud

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California death row investigator pleaded guilty on Monday to falsifying evidence in a bid to help spare the life of four condemned inmates, including one who has led a major challenge to the legality of lethal injection.

Kathleen Culhane, 40, who worked in private practice and earlier as an investigator for a San Francisco center that represents indigent death row inmates, admitted to four counts of perjury, forgery and falsifying documents.

She is expected to get a sentence of five years in prison, Brown's office said.
5 years!!
Can we make her pay the state's cost in redoing all these cases?
Can we execute all those killers/rapists that walked free because of her criminal acts?

Audio from CAIR's meeting on 6 Imams

from Vigilant Freedom/910 Group Blog

It’s all about the numbers in the victimhood bullying game.

And Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR, has problems getting the numbers he needs to prove that Muslims are subject to unusual discrimination. This could be a real embarrassment for Awad, because if Muslims are actually doing well in the U.S., maybe they don’t need CAIR.

1. First speech by Nihad Awad

There were 196 cases reported by the Justice Department for Muslims in civil rights cases. There were over 1008 cases reported by the Jewish faith. We need to do a much better job not only in recognizing our civil rights but also in reporting it to the government. Which is very critical and very important.

Hmmm, Jews being victimized 5 times for each Muslim victim... Yep. Jews have been victims for thousands of years.

…It is very important for Muslims to understand the law, and it’s also very important for Muslims to exercise their legal rights in the country. And it’s also important that if these rights are violated, that Muslims recognize that these rights are violated. Many Muslims,they are discriminated against or mistreated, they overlook or ignore or they are afraid to say or challenge or report these mistreatments. Which means, more of the same will take place against the same person or persons or against Muslims. And when people stand up and say something and challenge them, then there will be change.

True enough

But the psyche of Muslims have to change. The laws are there, fortunately, but the laws are not utilized. They’re not understood and they’re not followed by the victimizers or the victims. So there’s a lot of ignorance about the law, and that’s why Muslims usually find themselves being mistreated or discriminated against. Reporting to an organization like CAIR is important, because it is empowering.

Victimizers? Who are Victimizers? Are these the Muslims who attack others?

The Department of
Justice, in their annual report, don’t be surprised that if you feel
Muslims are not treated well in the country, that the number of reports
of incidents against Muslims or hate crimes is very low. Whereas the
number of incidents and hate crime cases against the Jewish community
is very very high. Maybe dozens of [incidents] against Muslims, but
against Jews are in the thousands. But when you examine the situation
you say, We really feel our community is more targeted. 54% - this is
one of CAIR’s surveys - 54% of all Muslims surveyed said they had been
subject to discrimination.

54% of who. Just exactly who did CAIR survey? There own membership - their leadership, just exactly who did they survey? And what questions were asked in this survey? How were the questions worded? Were they all leading questions? Did this include discrimination by Muslims against Muslims?

From the Questions  after his speeches:

are two levels. Imams are going after those who caused this for them,
the particular incident. The imams also have the right to sue the media
if the media misrepresented them and that misrepresentation caused them
harm. So this is almost like first draft. There could be second and
third draft. There’s a statute of limitation for Defamation of one
year. So until November 20, 2007 they have the right to sue any party
who misrepresented them or defamed them.

But the laws of
defamation in the United States are much more difficult. The most
difficult laws. You can say almost whatever you want in this country.
Unlike Europe and Canada, where there are strict, tough defamation
laws. If you accuse someone, if you say something about some people,
you can be sued, you can go to jail or you can be fined. In the United
States, people use free speech, the First Amendment, to justify a lot
of what they say.
But there’s a limit.And I think there are many
lawyers who are looking into this. But the main focus on the imams now
is to have legal recourse against those who caused them [immediate]
harm, they were rejected, they were mistreated, they were [arrested]
and they were denied service.”

Sounds like he don't like the First Amendment.

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Farewell: Sandmonkey

via Atlas

Here are some excerpts. On reform:

SANDMONKEY: "Any kind of democratic reform in the
country [Egypt] for the past 3 years has been rolled back specifically
because there is no more pressure coming from Washington anymore."

ATLAS: Why? What happened to the pressure in Washington?

SANDMONKEY: You know what happened to the pressure in
Washington. The Democrats won the Congress. There is no more pressure
coming from Bush because he is not able to push people anymore to do
those things. He is not able to push the Egyptian government
anymore because the American public is suddenly not interested in
reforming the Middle  East because of what's going on in the Iraq
. So suddenly the Egyptian government is not afraid of the American pressure. They are doing whatever they want to do. They
are beating up demonstrators, they are cracking down on activists, they
are changing the constitution, and eroding civil liberties once and for
all and they are using proxies to take down bloggers.

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