Thursday, March 06, 2008

Religion of Peace, My Arse IV

Today at the Gaza Strip Border.

An IDF soldier was killed
this morning and another was critically injured as palestinians
detonated an explosive device near an IDF Sufa jeep patrolling the area
near the Gaza Strip border, not far from the Kissufim crossing. When
other army vehicles, as well as an army helicopter arrived to rescue
the wounded, they also came under fire. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad
both claimed responsibility for the attack, with the latter even distributing candy.

Moslems celebrate Death.

Moslem Murdering Innocents, again

Statement from the Israel ambassador:

Today’s terrorist attack on a religious seminary in
Jerusalem, in which eight young students were murdered in cold blood by
a Palestinian terrorist, is a terrible reminder of the indiscriminate
and brutal terrorism Israel faces every day.

The gunman, armed with an automatic assault rifle, heavy ammunition
and a bulletproof vest, infiltrated the crowded school library and
opened fire at students during religious study.

The reaction in the West Bank and Gaza, including celebrations and
praise for the killer, is the result of ongoing and intensive
incitement to violence against innocent Israeli civilians.

While continuing to pursue every opportunity for peace, Israel will
defend its citizens and take the necessary security measures to combat
terror. Be it rocket fire from Gaza or suicide attackers in Jerusalem,
Israel expects the international community to take a resolute and
determined stand against terror in all its forms.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To Do List for John McCain

This is what I think John McCain should do now that he has won the Republican nomination:

1) Campaign to promote his agenda. He should focus on his positives, and he should not engage in negative campaigning against the Democrats (that can wait till later).

2) Consult with the GOP leadership - to get their input who should be his Vice-President. Also, he should start getting their input on who should be in his Cabinet.

3) Spread his coattails - Campaign to help elect other Republicans to Washington.

4) Be a Senator - John McCain should be on Capital Hill as much as possible, and he should try to disrupt the Obama and Clinton Campaigns by forcing them to be on Capital Hill.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brett Favre: Retires

Brett Favre has retired from football.

The legendary quarterback who holds most of the career records is tired.

Brett, you set a high standard;
on the field, you played to win;
and off the field, you played nice.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Religion of Peace, My Arse II

THREATS, THREATS and THREATS from the "Religion of Peace" --
If Islam was a religion of peace, it would not be issuing threats;
If Moslems were a peaceful people, they would not be murdering innocent men, women, and children;
Someday, maybe, Moslems and Islam will mature into a respectable religion, but for now, they are nothing but a DEATH CULT, which worships SATAN (ALLAH).

This point is emphasized once again in an editorial entitled “Playing With Fire” from today’s Arab News. This time it’s the German Interior Minister whose knees are being figuratively broken:

statement by Germany’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble that
European newspapers should reprint the controversial Danish cartoons of
the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a show of support for press
freedom is astounding.

It is difficult to believe that a
supposedly responsible and politically astute politician could say
something so irresponsible and dangerous — and Schaeuble is supposedly
both. More to the point, Schaeuble knows perfectly well that there are
hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide to whom the cartoons are not
merely deeply offensive but an outrage. He also knows perfectly well
what happened when the cartoons were first published — the wave of
violent protest worldwide two years ago that resulted in dozens of
people killed in riots and Danish embassies destroyed. The decision by
Danish papers to reprint the most offensive of the cartoons has already
led to Egypt protesting to Denmark, Iranian MPs demanding action
against the country, mass demonstrations in Sudan and riots by outraged
Muslims in Denmark itself.

Schaeuble cannot, therefore, claim
that he did not realize the consequences of what he said or that he has
been naive. This is no mere mistake or case of insensitivity. He knows
the massive damage to Germany that can result from what he said —
boycotts of German products, mass protests across the world, German
diplomats in danger, embassies under attack — yet still he said it. He
is being deliberately provocative.