Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Gun is a Gun

Real gun/fake gun -- if pointed at the police, and if you refuse to surrender, police SHOULD shoot.

It doesn't matter who tells you, it only a BB gun...

Maybe it wasn't the kids's BB gun, it might have been a real gun...

Somebody, a parent, SHOULD have taught that child to respect authority, ie kid - do as thepolice tell you.

Piss poor parenting causes this crap.


With two jobs, meaning I work 7 days a week, finding time to coherently blog is difficult.

After a full day of dealing with idiots, I mean wonderful customers, who left the brains at home, tis time to reflect and write.

Folks who can not understand "scan item and place into bag" should not use a self-checkout. Read the screen folks, it was designed to be understood by a 6th grader...or better yet, stand back and let your children do it - at least they think its fun.

If you are returning birdfood, don't be surprised when people laugh as you tell the clerk.."I want my money back, because it's stale" ....... How did this customer know the birdseed is stale?

Now to try to fix the template of this blog...

Friday, January 13, 2006


How dare a US Senator be so rude as to walk out while a witness is testifying?

Can a judge or a member of the jury walk out during a trial? NO!

Can a doctor walk out while the patient is explaining their ailments? NO!

Can an employee walkout while their boss is talking to them, and keep their job? NO!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

If this were a real blog..

there would be a plan, an organized stream of thought.
but since this is a test, and only a test
you may return to your regular, dull boring life.

from the Captain

10:28 - Senator Frist confirms for me that no one who got briefed on the NSA intercept has, to his knowledge demanded an end to this program. He confirmed that he was one of the leaders briefed on the program over the years. When I asked him if the program had stopped attacks on this country, he immediately and unequivocally said, "Yes."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random stuff

Random stuff

Russell Tice confesses to being the source for the NYT story on NSA Wiretapping.
I hope his next interview is with the FBI and Justice Dept. He needs to fry for illegally leaking classified information during wartime.

Michelle Malkin notes how wants folks to illegally spy on Republicans.

Spy on terrorists – bad
Spy on GOP – good

Go figure.

Days Gone By: Sniper's Reply to the Ass Munch

Days Gone By: Sniper's Reply to the Ass Munch

Wow, Sniper has truly explained why he is a Marine.


This blog is only a test...
If this was a real blog...
thoughts would flow more smoothly.

Someday my wife will find this ....
or my daughter will discover this ....

And then the critical comments will flow

Monday, January 09, 2006


This is a thank you to the milbloggers - the troops who blogged from the front.

Without your words the MSM would have dragged us to defeat,
with your words freedom will march on to victory.



Ho hum, look at the global warming in the Senate as the Senators blow hot air and display their stupidity.
Actually, they assume the public is stupid. And that we will not use the internet to check what they say. For example: Michelle Malkin has already proved that Kennedy is a liar and fool -
Oh by the way, Judge Alito is not racist.

Senator Biden is ok with prejudgement by judges – Heck, it would save time.
From Captain Ed:
“1:06 - Biden, to no one's surprise, is running over his time, by stating for the record that he can't fathom why judges shouldn't prejudge issues that will come before the court. I believe him. I don't think Biden fathoms much of anything, and his questions will reveal that.”

Sunday, January 08, 2006

War for the Hearts and Minds

War for the Hearts and Minds.

This war is at home. It is against the defeatists here in America, those who want the US to fail.

Lt Smash went to an open house held by Rep Filner. Read about his exchange with the congressman.

Congressman Bob Filner “Because we -- because our presence there, has become part of the problem, probably the major part of the problem. So, until we remove our presence, there is going to be an insurgency.
So, as long as we're there, we're failing, in my opinion…….”

Gracie: “What Smash ALSO didn't mention was the physical reaction of the good Congressman. He went from confident -- bordering on arrogant -- to literally wiping sweat from his brow, lowered shoulders and laughing nervously. His color went a bit pale, and it was obvious from the pacing that he was NOT comfortable. The video is priceless ;-) They didn't expect us to come to their public hall meeting. Apparently the comment "we're here to have an intelligent and compassionate discussion about this. Even if you disagree with us, we're glad you're here" was a bit less than honest.”

Do you think the congressman is afraid of the truth. Of the fact that the US and British presense in Iraq is a good thing. That we just need to continue to train the Iraqi forces and support their political process so that the Iraqis can build a solid - peaceful but strong - nation.