Sunday, January 08, 2006

War for the Hearts and Minds

War for the Hearts and Minds.

This war is at home. It is against the defeatists here in America, those who want the US to fail.

Lt Smash went to an open house held by Rep Filner. Read about his exchange with the congressman.

Congressman Bob Filner “Because we -- because our presence there, has become part of the problem, probably the major part of the problem. So, until we remove our presence, there is going to be an insurgency.
So, as long as we're there, we're failing, in my opinion…….”

Gracie: “What Smash ALSO didn't mention was the physical reaction of the good Congressman. He went from confident -- bordering on arrogant -- to literally wiping sweat from his brow, lowered shoulders and laughing nervously. His color went a bit pale, and it was obvious from the pacing that he was NOT comfortable. The video is priceless ;-) They didn't expect us to come to their public hall meeting. Apparently the comment "we're here to have an intelligent and compassionate discussion about this. Even if you disagree with us, we're glad you're here" was a bit less than honest.”

Do you think the congressman is afraid of the truth. Of the fact that the US and British presense in Iraq is a good thing. That we just need to continue to train the Iraqi forces and support their political process so that the Iraqis can build a solid - peaceful but strong - nation.

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