Friday, February 09, 2007

Islamic Joke and Cartoon Contest

at Laugh Your Head Off:

Cartoons in
of Free Speech

Worldwide Resistance to Islamofascism

"Let freedom and humor live--
because Jihad is not a joke."

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News: Today

From ConfederateYankee

Jack Cafferty, of CNN's "The Situation Room", asked Wolf Blitzer:

"Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?"

Video of this gross insensitivity at Hot Air.


Former Senator, now perpetual Presidential Candidate, John Edwards hired 2 bloggers for his campaign, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan.

These 2 woman are typical left-wing 'nutroots' bloggers, profane and vulgar. They tried to erase some of their more idiotic posts, and got burned.

Lesson Learned - once posted on the 'net, you can't take it back.

Many people called for Mr Edwards to 'fire' these two, many people called for Mr Edwards to keep them on staff.

Mr Edwards has decided to keep them. A dangerous decision.

This hiring of two vulgar writers and the surprise at the reaction to their hiring, shows how little 'vetting' was done before they were hired.

Does this show the 'presidential' talent of Mr Edwards? I don't think so.


For The Record: I am not, repeat, not the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mistrial Declared in Watada Proceedings:

A Speed Bump on the Road to Justice for LT. Watada.

Appears that his re-scheduled Courts-Martial, will have to listen to his claim that our action in Iraq is illegal.

So much for my fortune telling skills.

Congressman Norwood goes to Hospice


Rep. Norwood Stops Cancer Treatment; Enters Hospice
WASHINGTON -- Representative Charlie Norwood is leaving Washington to receive hospice care at home in Georgia, forgoing further treatment for lung cancer that has spread to his liver.
Norwood's spokesman, John Stone, said Wednesday that the seven-term Republican is not yet resigning from Congress but has decided to go home to Augusta to be with his family and, "let the Lord decide what to do."

May the Lord Keep You.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Because I'm free

I can post this.
Even if it is shamelessly stolen from Al Jeezra. !;-})

Navy-Marine Corps Team


1st Lt. Ehren Watada, 28, of Honolulu, is charged with refusing to ship out with his unit and conduct unbecoming an officer for accusing the Army of war crimes and denouncing the administration for conducting an “illegal war” founded on “lies.”

He will be convicted on all counts by the General Courts Martial, and he will receive the maximum sentence permitted.

He will appeal to the Army Court of Appeals (or whatever they call it.) He will claim his rights were trampled because the Courts Martial did not allow him to argue the legality of the Iraq War. He will lose this appeal, convection and full sentence will be upheld.

He will appeal to the Court of Military Appeals. They will not hear the appeal.

He will appeal to the US Supreme Court.
They will take the case. They will allow arguments on the legality of the war.
Stephens and Ginsburg will declare the war illegal.
Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito will uphold the legality of the war.
Kennedy, Breyer, and Souter are questionable, but I think they will uphold the legality of the US military action in Iraq.

Final answer:
7-2 the military action in Iraq will be declared legal.
9-0 the convictions and sentence will be upheld.

The military action in Iraq is legal under US law:
The US Congress Authorized the Use of Military Force and
The President has used military force in Iraq following the limitations within the AUMF.
The United Nations also authorized the use of force. (only a minor item, of obeying treaty requirements.)
The US Congress has periodically re-authorized the use of military force by funding the effort.

Lt. Watada please enjoy your time at Fort Leavenworth.
And your Dishonorable Discharge as Pvt. Watada.
And Mr. Watada, do remember to include this Federal Felony Conviction on all future job applications.

Mr Watada, your stunt of joining the Army, after the military action in Iraq began and then refusing to follow your deployment orders -- will not led to the impeachment of President Bush. It will not get the President accused of war crimes.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Republicans want more debate

Not -

Republicans block debate.

Senate Republicans blocked the vote on the anti-surge non-binding resolution,
BECAUSE the Democrats REFUSED to CONSIDER any other options or changes.

Democrats Don't Want Debate, Democrats, like Islamists Demand Submission.


Word from the front:

Hope Rides Alone

Sgt. Eddie Jeffers, USA (Iraq)

February 1, 2007

And to
think, I volunteered for this...

And I
am ignorant to the rest of the world...or so I thought.

even thousands of miles away, in Ramadi, Iraq, the cries and screams and
complaints of the ungrateful reach me. a year, I will be thrust back into
society from a life and mentality that doesn't fit your average man.
then, I will be alone. then, I will walk down the streets of America,
and see the yellow ribbon stickers on the cars of the same people who
compare our President to Hitler.

Go read it ALL.

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