Friday, February 09, 2007

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From ConfederateYankee

Jack Cafferty, of CNN's "The Situation Room", asked Wolf Blitzer:

"Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?"

Video of this gross insensitivity at Hot Air.


Former Senator, now perpetual Presidential Candidate, John Edwards hired 2 bloggers for his campaign, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan.

These 2 woman are typical left-wing 'nutroots' bloggers, profane and vulgar. They tried to erase some of their more idiotic posts, and got burned.

Lesson Learned - once posted on the 'net, you can't take it back.

Many people called for Mr Edwards to 'fire' these two, many people called for Mr Edwards to keep them on staff.

Mr Edwards has decided to keep them. A dangerous decision.

This hiring of two vulgar writers and the surprise at the reaction to their hiring, shows how little 'vetting' was done before they were hired.

Does this show the 'presidential' talent of Mr Edwards? I don't think so.


For The Record: I am not, repeat, not the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter.

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