Friday, January 12, 2007

There is no science but mecca science

Dr. Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyed of the Egyptian National Research Center explains the "science" behind his call to abolish Greenwich Mean Time and replace it with ... you guessed it ... Mecca time! (Courtesy of MEMRI TV <>.)

Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: When British colonialism or the British kingdom were in control, and it was "an empire on which the sun never sets," it imposed Greenwich Mean Time. This creates two problems for the world. The first problem is that in Greenwich, the magnetic field of Earth is 8.5 degrees, whereas in Mecca the magnetic field is zero.

Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: It has been proven that there is a certain discrepancy if we calculate it according to Greenwich. This discrepancy has been estimated as 8.5 minutes between the northern and southern hemispheres.
Interviewer: How much?
Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: 8.5 minutes. Air traffice cannot be organized this way. They are aware of this, and so they try to change it.

There is no science but mecca science ......
There is no prophet but tinfoil.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

14 Carter Center Board Members Quit Over Book


The resignations announced Thursday are the latest in a backlash
against the former president's book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid."

The members of the Center's Board of Councilors wrote of Carter in the
letter of resignation "you have clearly abandoned your historic role of
broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side."

The 14 who resigned are members of the 200-member board.

Nice, 14 honest people out of 200.

The other 186 must have their 'tin-foil hats' on.

The 'Palestinian problem' can be summed simply:

Palestinians want to kill - Israelis want to live.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

American Pig Races

Mr Craig Baker is taking a stand to protect his property from the invasion of Islamic person threatened by his new neighbors.

Go to for the details.

Now, my family has deep roots here on Baker Rd. Houston, TX. As a
matter of fact, a Baker has been living right on this land as far back
as the early
1800’s. We are fast approaching 200 years being settled on this piece
of land. has more information on this.

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