Friday, April 21, 2006

Georgia Tech Student Charged in Terrorism Case

ATLANTA -- Channel 2 Action News has learned a Georgia Tech student has been charged with material support of terrorism.

Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, is named in an indictment issued by a Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta.

A law enforcement source tells Channel 2's Investigative Reporter Mark Winne, Ahmed is accused of videotaping locations outside of Georgia.

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias says they believe Ahmed supported terrorism, but is not a terrorist himself.
Plus according to the AJC
In a separate case that may be related, a 19-year-old Roswell man was arrested Monday in Bangladesh. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee was arrested by Bengali authorities after at least eight months of federal investigation of him and his family, his sister, Sharmin Sadequee, said Thursday.

Federal authorities would not confirm the arrest. Authorities also refused to confirm Ahmed's arrest before Thursday.

Two young Muslims secretly arrested in the Atlanta Metro Area, charged with aiding terrorists.



Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wisdom from Ann

Words of Wisdom from Ann Coulter:  
(Yes, it is a surprising source...but her column today contains wisdom.)
by Ann Coulter
April 19, 2006

However the Duke lacrosse rape case turns out, one lesson that absolutely will not be learned is this: You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.

Also, you can severely reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men's houses and take your clothes off for money. (Does anyone else detect a common thread here?)

And if you are a girl in Aruba or New York City, among the best ways to avoid being the victim of a horrible crime is to not get drunk in public or go off in a car with men you just met. While we're on the subject of things every 5-year-old should know, I also recommend against dousing yourself in gasoline and striking a match.

Allow me to highlight the pearl of wisdom: "And if you are a girl in Aruba or New York City, among the best ways to avoid being the victim of a horrible crime is to not get drunk in public or go off in a car with men you just met."
Go read the entire column.
If you are the parent of a teenage daughter, like I am, MAKE YOUR DAUGHTER READ THIS COLUMN.


Support of Michelle Malkin

        I am a fan of your writing, please continue the good work.
        I am glad you choose to post the moonbat contact information which was available on their website. Not that they would ever consider a differing point of view.
        Michelle, I think you should ask the FBI to investigate the threats made against you and your family. I know it is a federal crime to communicate a threat.
        These liberals are so afraid that President Bush will remove their civil rights, while at the same time they are demanding that everyone confirm to their views - they do not allow an opposing point of view, it would hurt the debate.
Sammenhold, I stand with you.

Mom Wants Potter Books Banned


LAWRENCEVILLE -- The Gwinnett County School Board will hear a parent's request today that the Harry Potter book series be removed from all school libraries in the state's largest school system.

Laura Mallory says the books promote witchcraft and are NOT appropriate for elementary school students.

She is a missionary and a mother of four.

A review board at J.C. Magill Elementary School in Loganville which three of her children attend already has denied her request.

Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press.


OKAY, Mrs Mallory, I disagreed with the so-called New Testament - so we need to ban that book and burn all copies of it. Except we can't burn all copies of it, cause that would really inflame global warming.

Mrs Mallory - It is very appropriate that you are agruing for censorship on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth. You seem to believe in burning all books you dislike.



Tuesday, April 18, 2006

McKinney struck officer with closed fist

Per Capital Police report - Rep Mckinney struck the officer with a closed fist.

I hope the grand jury slaps her with a felony charge.

Israel suffers while the world pities the Palestinians

The Terrorist Nation of Palestine - permits (encourages) the Islamic Jihad to kill (murder, maim) Israelis.
Europe is debating whether to fund the Hamas led Palestinian Government - Yet little to no comment on the almost daily attacks on Israelis. Europe hates Israel, and is glad that the Arabs/Muslims are attacking Israel. But if Israel acts to defend its citizens from these terrorist attacks - Israel is condemned.
The Palestinians work hard to make their bombs as lethal as possible, and to denote them in places that maximize the carnage.


The bombs that terrorists use are among the most evil weapons ever invented. The explosives are bad enough, but palestinians have chosen to add metal pieces to the bombs to increase their deadliness, and to deliberately wound as many Israelis as possible. These extras are manufactured in “metal shops” throughout Gaza and the West Bank, which is why you hear about the IDF firing missiles into “metal shops,” and see the owners bemoaning the loss of their factories and insisting they were not involved in the manufacture of bombs.

Shrapnel is what killed Phillip Balhasan, who stayed alive long enough to realize his children had survived, and to hug them tightly before he collapsed.

But even this is not enough for the terrorists. They also soak the shrapnel in rat poison, because it causes hemorrhaging — victims may bleed to death before they can get to the hospital.

Remember all of this, when you hear the world tell Israel to “use restraint” in responding to this attack. Remember all of this, when you read about the innocent metal shop owners who insist their shops were only making nails and screws for construction purposes.

Remember all of this, when Israel is the nation that is demonized by the blind, hateful people who wear checked kaffiyehs at anti-war protests, and call Israel an “apartheid state” for building a separation barrier — to keep out the monsters who would use bombs like I have just described.

Remember this, when you look at the pictures of the results of the bombing, and notice the thousands of dents in the metal surrounding the bombing area — the mark of the ball-bearings and other metal shrapnel.

These are the people with whom the world sympathizes: Those who create and set off the bombs. Not the victims. The bombers.

No Update

The local Atlanta media has dropped the story of Ryan Alexander Harmon. The 24 yr old veteran gunned down last week in Atlanta.
Still no clue as to motive in this killing.