Saturday, February 25, 2006

12,000 Words

A Picture is worth a 1000 words.
below is a 12,000 word essay
dedicated to the (false) Prophet Mohommed (pig), may pigs piss upon him.

His followers worship death.
His followers worship destruction.
His followers practice deception.

He must be a Prophet of Satan.

I will not submit to a false prophet,
who considers women as property,
who does not respect the beliefs of others,
who does not tolerate dissent,
who does not allow free speech,
who threatens death to those who think about leaving his religion,














Reprinted from Danish Newspaper.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Slapstick Politics: Support Denmark And Free Speech

Slapstick Politics: Support Denmark And Free Speech

Stand up for Denmark


The Freedom's Zone international blogging community is encouraging all bloggers to help 'Stand Up For Denmark' by immediately writing a post on Christopher Hitchens' call for a demonstration at the Embassy of Denmark, between noon and 1 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 24.

Please also post that for those who cannot attend the demonstration, they are encouraged to call and email the Danish embassy, and offer their support and appreciation for their standing up to freedom and the right of free speech that is so much a part of our Western culture:
Embassy of Denmark
3200 Whitehaven St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: +1 (202) 234-4300
Fax: +1 (202) 328-1470


After the date of the event, bloggers are encouraged to post on at least 3 "free speech" issues a week, and also encourage their readers to continue voicing their concern and support for free speech by emailing their friends to help keep the emails of support (to the Danish embassy) going for the Dane's stand on freedom over sharia.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jihad tries to silence Michelle Malkin. They Failed

An Islamic DoS (Denial of Service) Attack on Michelle Malkin's website has not silenced her.
She moved over and posted on Pajamas Media site.

This will not be tolerated!

Give Hamas a chance? No Way

Sorry, Mr President, They don't deserve a chance. Their mission is genocide.

A timely letter to the Danish Prime Minister

Column by Clinton W. Taylor.
Discussing a letter sent to the Danish Prime Minister in the fall of 2005.


Nice civilization you got here.  It'd be a shame if something happened to it.

That was the sinister subtext of a letter addressed to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, asking him to "take all those responsible to task under law" for the infamous Mohammed cartoons.   The letter is remarkable for when it was sent and for who sent it.

The letter was signed by the eleven ambassadors of Islamic or heavily-Islamic countries.  Libya, Algeria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Palestine, Indonesia, Morocco, and Bosnia-Herzegovina complained about the Jyllands-Posten cartoons on October 12, long before the current round of protests.

The column ends with:


If that state-security scenario sounds too conspiratorial for you, the alternative is no more reassuring: these signatories of the letter know that their nations are not in control at all.  Radical Islamists are calling the shots, and there is nothing Islamic states can do to stop them.

If that is the case, it is a surprising and devastating indictment of global Islam.  It is one thing for American pundits and politicians to say the Religion of Peace has been hijacked by violent extremists; it's far more frightening when the warning comes from the governments that know it best.

Clinton W. Taylor is a lawyer and a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford. He was a David L. Boren National Security Program Fellow in 2000, and a 2005 Publius Fellow with the Claremont Institute.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Re: Toonaphobia

The pen is mightier than the sword.
Cox and Forkum show the cartoon pigs protesting for Free Speech and scaring the senses out of Muslims.

Shia Shrine Destoried

Is this the way to treat our brother Muslims? To destory holy places. To descrate their graves.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Expression of Freedom

Iraqis lined up for security check prior to voting in Hit, Iraq.
One (1) Iraqi soldier providing security.

Fire and Ice

The men drawn here defend my family and my freedom with force of arms.

Michael Fay is an exceptional artist.

Semper fi

Stand Up For Denmark

Christopher Hitchens asks why the US Government is not standing up for our ally, Denmark.

Damn good question.

Gateway Pundit: Nigerians Rampage with Machetes After Koran is Desecrated

Gateway Pundit: Nigerians Rampage with Machetes After Koran is Desecrated

More proof that Islam is not a peaceful religion.
When will the followers of the false prophet grow-up and act like adults.
Any excuse to rampage, pillage, rape and kill will do.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Of Course CBS would blame Denmark for the Irrational response to Cartoons

Expose the Left has the video
60 Minutes blames Denmark for the irrational, over-reaction to cartoons by Muslims.
Cause, you can not blame the Lying Imams. They can spread all the hate and lies - inciting the violence - but they can not be blamed, that would offend them.

The useful idiots at CBS strike again. Another hack job, intended to undermine the security of the US. and more importantly, make Bush look bad.

Bob Simon is too old and senile...
But of course, you can not complain about the childish and destructive behavior of Muslims. They threaten people, they attack people who do that.
So CBS News takes the cowardly way and seeks to appease the thugs. This will only encourage more destruction, more innocent people will die because of CBS News.

The Danish newspaper editor bravely started a debate.
This is free journalism at its finest. Bravely starting a debate (an exchange of ideas, expressed with words.)

But when the Lying Imams found that the debate was not going their way. They used fraud and lies to incite a violent reaction.
So the Muslim message is clear...submit or die.

I will not submit.
"give me liberty or give me death."

I will not submit to an intolerant, dictatorial religion. Which is run by deceivers.
Based upon the actions of the Militant Muslims, Mohammed, may pigs be upon him, is a Prophet from Satan. (or maybe Mohammed, may pigs be upon him, is actually Satan himself.) Out of Respect for Islam, CNN to Halt Coverage of Islamic Countries, Events

This should prevent offending anyone.
If only they would extend this policy to other religions.

Imans approve use of nukes

Time to stop playing with Iran.
Time to act against Iran.
Must act before they strike and kill millions.

The Officers' Club: Time May be Running Out for Moderate Muslims

Moderate Muslims will be used as cannon fodder by the Militant Muslims. Actaully, they already are.

Fred Fry International: Signs that Allah (God) is not on Your Side:

Sure Signs that Allah supports winners not whinners

Democrats oppose Free Speech

via Blackfive:

MN Democratic Party taking shots at supporters of Iraq war

That's the message that's being sent: Powerline here, here and here.

In Minnesota we are in the middle of a story that has dropped from view in the media, but it is a story that should attain national prominence. The Democratic Party has undertaken a campaign to suppress two advertisements giving voice to the sentiments of Iraq war veterans and Gold Star Families who support the war...

A Marine Colonel and a Gold Star mother are being labeled as "un-American" by the MN Democratic Party for their participation in ads supporting the troops.

Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons

Another prophet defamed...

This will not be tolerated.

Iowahawk has the coverage of the unrest.

But by far the fiercest demonstration took place in Green Bay's Lambeau Shrine parking lot where throngs of Packer faithful burned Texas flags and effigies of Roger Staubach as Lutheran pastors led them in chants of "Those who defame the Vince suck" and "Favre is Great." Many of the frenzied demonstrators were seen ritualistically beating themselves with mozzarella sticks.

Russia blocks free speech

The Russians blocked this cartoon. The Translation "We never taught them to do that" as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Moses look at rioting.