Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moslem Murdering Innocents, again

Statement from the Israel ambassador:

Today’s terrorist attack on a religious seminary in
Jerusalem, in which eight young students were murdered in cold blood by
a Palestinian terrorist, is a terrible reminder of the indiscriminate
and brutal terrorism Israel faces every day.

The gunman, armed with an automatic assault rifle, heavy ammunition
and a bulletproof vest, infiltrated the crowded school library and
opened fire at students during religious study.

The reaction in the West Bank and Gaza, including celebrations and
praise for the killer, is the result of ongoing and intensive
incitement to violence against innocent Israeli civilians.

While continuing to pursue every opportunity for peace, Israel will
defend its citizens and take the necessary security measures to combat
terror. Be it rocket fire from Gaza or suicide attackers in Jerusalem,
Israel expects the international community to take a resolute and
determined stand against terror in all its forms.

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