Thursday, November 09, 2006

What to do? What to do?

Yes, the Democrats control Congress. but very narrowly.

It only takes 1 Democrat Senator to vote with the Republicans and VP Cheney gets to cast the deciding vote.

Many Democrats had to campaign as moderates to win, which means in 2 years, they will again have to campaign as moderates to hold their seats.

We need to contact our Congresscritters - all 3 of them (YOUR Congressman, and YOUR 2 Senators) Tell them what you want. Keep telling them. Make sure your friends and neighbors are also telling them what to do.

During this upcoming 'lame duck' session - it is vital to press for what we want.

Then in January, the real work begins.

Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent - I don't want to see a 30% increase in my taxes, I bet your liberal neighbors don't really want to pay higher taxes.

Don't Increase the Minimum Wage - This will REDUCE the number of jobs, causing lower employment, INCREASING entitlement payouts, DECREASING profits, FORECLOSING Small Businesses, LOWERING Tax Revenues.......
A Recession or even a Depression, which the Democrats will try to blame on Bush.

Stay in Iraq, for as long as it takes - A major change in the number of US Troops - up or down - would be a mistake. The trouble in Iraq is concentrated in Baghdad. The SOLUTION in IRAQ will be created by the Iraqis, we must help them arrive at a solution. We must nudge them along in finding the solution, but it must be their solution.

Secure the Southern Border - This is the first step in dealing with illegal immigration. Deportation is a joke if our border is not secure. All other nations build walls/fences/barriers to secure their borders as required.

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