Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering of Eagles

per Dymphna of Gates of Vienna:
Don’t believe the MSM — either their lying by entirely omitting any
mention of the numbers of people attending the Gathering of Eagles, or
their deliberate playing down of the numbers who did come. The Parks
and Service people counted thirty thousand patriots (30,000) gathered to protect the Wall.

Semper Fi

The "anti-war" protest had only ten thousand.

This protest had been professionally planned over the past year
and a grass roots organization of veterans - an effort lasting only 2 months
had 3 times as many folks in Washington DC.

Not all of the veterans support the war in Iraq, but they all wanted to prevent vandalism and destruction of the memorials to our war dead.


Texas Truth said...

I am so proud of their efforts this past weekend. The liberal media would NEVER publish the correct numbers that attended.

It would show how many people really support the troops and how few actually are against the troops.

It is amazing to me that these types of protesters say they are for the troops but against the war. Then they try to vandalize the monuments to our fine veterans.

Thanks for the update. Keep up the GREAT job.

Anonymous said...

Everyone supports the troops but some don't support the way they are being foolishly used.

I think you need to update your post, the attendence figures were hokum.

Marvin said...


Attendance figures were from the US Park Service...A neutral source.

Our troops are not being foolishly used, they are taking this fight for the survival of our civilization to its source. Iraq is an opportunity to turn the tide against Islamofacism.