Saturday, August 11, 2007

Justice for the Marines

The Haditha Marines, otherwise known as the Pendleton 8 are being declared innocent of the horrendous charges against them.

Congressmen Murtha declared them guilty, calling them cold-blooded killers. A backstabbing statement to every American Fighting man. Murtha believe they are guilty until proven otherwise.

But now, those very same Marines that Murtha stood up in front of the
world and declared to be out of control killers, are being exonerated
and cleared of the charges against them.

I wonder if Murhta can be sued for slander. He publicly denounced these young men. Murtha should pay.

President Bush, you need to intervene and praise these
Marines and chastise Murtha for his irresponsible actions against our
Armed Forces and against our country.

Are you outraged? You
should be! Write about this on your blog and spread the story until
Murtha can no longer ignore the consequences of his behavior. Write
your Senator and Congressmen and demand Justice for our Marines. Write
President Bush and let him know that the American people will not stand
for our Men at Arms being slandered and mistreated at the hands of our
elected officials.

Demand Justice for the Pendleton 8

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