Saturday, August 11, 2007

Corruption Congress

WASHINGTON -- Republicans returning to the House floor on Friday
morning Aug. 3 after their walkout the night before were surprised to
find as presiding officer the Democrat they call "King Corruption":
Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, master of earmarks and backroom
deals. Rep. Ed Pastor, a 64-year-old eight-term Democrat from Phoenix,
Ariz., who is affable and well-liked by Republicans, had been scheduled
to preside. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fearing parliamentary tricks by
Republicans, put her muscleman Murtha in the chair. Murtha's
performance as non-partisan presiding officer ran true to form. On a
voice vote, Murtha ruled for Democrats when obviously more Republicans
were on the House floor. He subsequently ordered a roll call vote,
though members rising in support clearly fell short of the 44 required.
After that ruling was challenged, Murtha declared: "The chair's
decision is not subject to question."

Comrade Murtha at his finest. Murtha the 'guilty till proven otherwise' ex-marine (one of only two ex-US Marines, the other - Lee Harvey Oswald) strikes another blow for Democratic government; aka My way or the highway.

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