Monday, May 29, 2006

Home Network fixed

2 days it took to straighten out the ol'home network.

I have a Win98 desktop, a WinXP desktop, 2 WinXP laptops, and the visiting Mac iBook. Since December, we have lived with a network where all 4 Windows computers will swap files. And all but the WinXP desktop would go online. If the Mac is turned on, the whole network crashes.

A few weeks ago, I added a printer to the laptops.
Then Word crashed on the laptops.

With the help of a seasoned computer geek, who just finished 8th grade, we now have all 4 Windows PCs online and working. We can not print directly from the laptops, and all is well as long as we don't turn on "Darth Mac iBook".

Norton was the quilty party stopping the WinXP desktop from going online.

Just don't touch "Darth iBook".

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