Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gaza Solution

UPDATE to my rant:

A quote from Vital Perspective:

First, Israel is acting in self defense after months of rocket attacks terrorizing its population. Second, terrorists control the Palestinian Authority, and have brazenly endorsed the kidnapping. Third, while Mahmoud Abbas may be the elected President, his inability to bring about the release of the solider, or an end to the rocket attacks, has forced Israel to finally act on its own. We don't know of any other country that would do otherwise.


The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is simple:

The rest of the world should shut up and allow the Israelis and Palestinians to settle their differences themselves.

The European plan of appeasement - only encourages more, not less, more attacks on innocent civilians.

The Arab Nations do not care about the Palestinians - Do they provide anything to them? Or do they allow the Europeans to provide for them?

If the rest of the world - steps back and allows Israel and the Palestinians to work out a solution on their own, it will be a lasting solution. But the constant desire to appease the thugs, I mean Palestinian leaders, only causes more bloodshed.

Steady - Determined - Armed Force is the only thing that will stop terrorism.

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