Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hezbollahs Filthy Methods

This is from a Lebanese blog..The Ouwet Front..

Fighting a guerrilla is very hard and knowing that they could shoot from anywhere, we should expect attacks on unusual places.

Innocent people are dying this is true, but I believe the way Hezbollah is operating and its filthy methods in infiltrating villages and using them as launch positions is causing all those casualties.

Of course Israelis have hit bridges recklessly during the day killing innocent civilians trying to cross the bridge, but its war and you always have victims.

On the other hand, the party thats hitting civilians randomly and threatening innocent lives is Hezbollah who is launching rockets with no sense of direction whatsoever. I have seen rockets land on balconies, small cafes, walls… anything but military targets.

There is hope for Lebanon.

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