Friday, August 04, 2006

Prophet Mohammad (Pigs Be Upon Him)

The Question is: When will the World wake-up and decide that for civilization to survive, Islamists must be reduced to rubble.
Yes, this is a war against one religion. The religion of a Prophet of Satan, Prophet Mohammad (Pigs Be Upon Him), must be reduced to rubble. Islam is a religion of death.

Iran can supply weapons to Hezbollah (Army of Satan) - who according to UN Resolution 1559 is to be disarmed, and will the UN do anything...NO.

Iran has promised a response to the UN demand they stop trying to produce nuclear weapons on August 22nd...the anniversary of when Prophet Mohammad (Pigs Be Upon Him) supposedly appeared over the Temple Mount.

Is this the date Iran will try to nuke Israel?

Hezbollah targets civilians all day long, and the media hails them as the good guys. The media accepts Hezbollah control and editing when in Lebanon...

WHY does the media SUPPORT terrorism with PROPAGANDA?
WHY is okay to INSULT any RELIGION except ISLAM (the religion of death)?

When will we wake up and realize that ISLAM the DEATH CULT must be ELIMINATED?

Followers of the (false) Prophet Mohammad (Pigs Be Upon Him) - We will wake up and CIVILIZATION will crush you. Your culture of death will not survive our wrath, yes, our wrath will be unleashed.

The useful idiots will not stop it, in fact they will be the ones who will demand your destruction. Because you will strike and kill those useful idiots. And we will strike back with a combined Russian, Chinese, and American force, and this strike will not be limited by the Geneva Conventions or the UN.

You want all out careful of what you wish for.

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