Friday, August 11, 2006

Senator Joe (I)

The Senate race in CT. will be 'the race' of these mid-term elections.
Can Senator Lieberman hold onto his seat? I hope so.

Amongst CT registered voters, 30% are Democrats, 25% Republicans, 45% undeclared. (I saw these numbers somewhere today, I just forgot where.)
So that means Mr Ned (Freshmaker) Lamont received support from 52% of the Democrats or 16% of the total voters, and Senator Joe received 48% of Democrats or 14% of the total voters.
So, if Senator Joe can draw half of the undeclareds (22.5% of total) and a fifth of the Republicans (5%). The good Senator would have a total of 41.5% in Nov.
And lets say Ned gets a fourth of the undeclareds and a fifth of the Republicans - thats would be 32% in Nov.
Which leaves 27% for the Republican.

So. this 3 horse race will be very interesting.....

Go JOE Go!!!

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