Monday, September 04, 2006

5 years ago

As I pulled into the office parking lot on 9/11/01, the morning DJ said that there was somekind of explosion at the World Trade Center.
I thought, wow, somebody blew-up a restarant. A crime, but not a big deal.
Then, I walked into the office, and the place was totally crazy..everybody asking what had I heard.
I immediately tried to pull up a news site online..took several minutes .. finally able to get BBCnews, they dropped all their graphics from the front page.
Saw that both towers had been hit.
Realized that my mother-in-law took the train under the towers.
Heard/saw a report about something at the State Dept
then the report of the strike on the Pentagon
then the tower fell.
I tried to call my father-in-law.
then the other tower fell.
a report about a plane crash in PA.
Reports that all tall buildings are being evacuated, in Chicago, Atlanta....
Saw the pictures of the fleet putting to sea, with 'live birds' on the rail - (normally US Navy ships have their test missiles (birds) on the luanchers (rails)..but those were 'live birds')
finally got thru to my father-in-law, my mother-in-law was okay, but she is 4 blocks south of the towers, and not sure how she will get home...also learned that my sister-in-law was flying that day, she was okay, finishing her trip home by rental car.
Called the school where my wife teaches, ordered the secretary to go tell my wife that her parents are okay...the secretary did as instructed...
Saw the stacks of unused stretchers
the emergency rooms prepping for the wounded
but the victims were dead.

Our nation had been attacked.
Islamic murderers had done it.

I will not forget.

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