Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Four Freedoms We Fight For.

Reposted to remind us of what the USA stands for.

None of these Freedoms exist in Muslim Nations.
Islam does not permit Freedom.


In 1944-1945, the USA ruled the world, from Berlin to Tokyo, and all points in between. The USA controlled the globe, only the Soviet Union, our then ally, was outside of our control.

And we gave it all back to the people. By 1953, we had allowed the peoples of the world to create their own governments.
But the Soviet Union had keep all of Eastern Europe occupied and controlled by Soviet troops. It would take until 1989 to free Eastern Europe, but the USA finally freed them.


James said...

Haha, you are a living example that propaganda works, my friend!

Every country on the map has done bad things; we are no better than each other. Islam is no worse than Christianity.

All I can say is that freedom can not be forced on to people - its oxymoronic!

Marvin said...

No James - You are the example of propaganda working.

Islam is currently far worse that any other religion, Islamist are murdering innocent people daily. Islamists are happy that young fools like you do not see the danger of submitting to Islam.

bookreader said...

There is no "golden rule" in Islam either. Not for infidels. Convert, Submit or die.

USA, the last best hope.