Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So what about this

Over at Blackfive, Grim has posted an article about the budget dispute at the Pentagon. The Army wants more money/men/material.

Read the comments over there.
Everybody has gone so negative. "What's with those negative waves.."

Blaming the Secretary of Defense for the problems in Iraq, calling for more troops in Iraq, saying are troops are at the breaking point, etc...

1) the President makes the decision, that is the Commander in Chief part of his job description.
2) the MSM attacks on Rummy, are really attacks on Bush. - Get Bush to fire Rummy, that hammer Bush for what Rummy did.
3) I recall from history, LBJ did not like the way things were going in Vietnam, so he tripled the number of troops on the ground to 500,000. And the MSM still defeated the USA in Vietnam.
4) We lost about a dozen soldiers a day in Vietnam. We are losing just over 2 soldiers a day on average in Iraq.
5) the trouble spots in Iraq - are mainly in a few towns. Most of Iraq is doing okay.

6) Staying the course - seems to be a good thing,

but if you have a better plan - speak up.

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