Friday, September 01, 2006

US Navy and Katrina

from Op-For

- More than 9,790 Americas were rescued or evacuated by the 50+ Navy aircraft from deployed ships, as well as NAS Pensacola and Atlanta.
- 17 Navy ships on station including Iwo Jima, Bataan and USNS Comfort, which treated 1,000 patients.
More than 3,400 Seabees deployed to the region and helped clearing roads, disposing of debris and building shelters.
- Ship’s small boats performed 380 evacuations, 28 MEDEVACS and six rescues. They delivered 68,900 pound of food and 113,000 pounds of water. Onboard aircraft flew 1,730 sorties.

USS IWO JIMA, pierside at downtown New Orleans, provided such tremendous support as a command center and a base of operations that during a tour of the ship, VADM Thad Allen, the senior federal officer on scene, said to Chief of Naval Operations ADM Mike Mullen: "Mike, you should consider renaming this ship The City of New Orleans.“

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