Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dim Media Plan

From ABC News:

Six Days of November Surprises

1. Glowingly profile Speaker-Inevitable Nancy Pelosi, with loving mentions of her grandmotherly steel .

This will encourage Republicans to vote - in droves.

5. Paint groups that run ads or do turnout for Republican candidates as shadowy, extreme, corrupt, and illegitimate; describe their analogues on the left as valiant underdogs, part of a People's Army (with homage to Rich Lowry).

6. Care more about voter disenfranchisement than voter fraud.

Democrats can not count on honest votes.

8. Drop any pretense of covering good news from Iraq (uhm&.) or good news about the economy, including some upcoming positive macro numbers .

Like the MSM ever presented an honest look at the great job President Bush has done for this country.

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