Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Media Matters Attacks Michelle Malkin

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, goes after Michelle Malkin in bid for more readers.

Calling the Howard Kurtz profile of Ms Malkin in the Washington Post, a Valentine Week mash note.

Mr. Boehlert says this about Michelle:

Malkin is the
field general for a squad of bitter pro-war dead-enders who lash out online
against anyone who dares speak the truth about the war. She
has been wrong about Iraq in every conceivable way, with
a losing streak dating back more than 50 straight months.

Mr. Boehlert is correct in calling Ms Malkin the 'field general', but he is wrong about the Iraq War.

Mr Boehlert continues with:

See, GOP warbloggers can't lose. If they'd been right about Iraq,
The Washington Post surely would have toasted them. But
even after they continually make fools of themselves prognosticating all sorts
of falsehoods about the war, The Washington Post still
toasts them. As for the articulate bloggers on the left who opposed the war
from the outset and who insisted the White House had not made a coherent case
for launching a pre-emptive war? The Post couldn't care less about them.

Okay, who is factually challenged here. President Bush convinced a vast majority of American People and the Congress that we needed to invade Iraq in 2002. The MSM has been chipping away, one false misleading story after another.

Now which bloggers does Mr Boehlert like?

Markos "screw'em" Zuniga of DailyKos.com, a site which enforces anti-bush, anti-american groupthink.

Matt Stoller of MyDD.com, a site which is sad that Vice-President Cheney is still alive.

Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, a site which had over 400 comments today complaining that VP Cheney lives. (They have without comment, toned their post down and deleted several hundred comments.)

More attacks coming:

the absolutely central point about Malkin that the Post neglected -- Malkin
claims journalists covering Iraq are either cowards or siding with the terrorists who are trying to
kill Americans (or both). As her
fellow warblogger Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs puts it with a
headline he routinely uses, "The Media Are the Enemy."
Yet the Post profile politely
omitted any reference to Malkin's repugnant claim that journalists are
terrorist-sympathizer traitors.


Michelle and Charles are correct: The US Media is the Enemy. With their whitewashing of individual jihadis (mass murderers), their refusal to admit that some Muslims in the US are a danger to society.


Get over the fact, that Michelle Malkin is more respected than you will ever be.

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