Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Clean up the Blogosphere?

My thoughts on how to improve the blogosphere:

Start with your own blog!
And don't link to folks who don't maintain a polite blog.
And 'just do it' - don't blow your own horn about how nice and polite you are, just be nice and polite.

Use peoples names, don't use nicknames:
no silk pony, no hildabeast, no klintoon, no chimphitler, etc

Children use nicknames, adults should use real names.

Respect their office, even if you can not respect the officeholder.

Attack/discuss their ideas, their agenda.
Make sure the facts support comments on their character.

As to the comments on your blog:
Comments are off.
Comments are moderated. (Be consistent)
Comments are unmoderated.

If a comment is deleted or edited - comment on why it was deleted/edited.

Just my thoughts.

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