Thursday, July 12, 2007

Should We stay or Should We Go?

From Desert Flier:

I finish with a question: we have maintained a presence in Europe for over 50 years. Does the U.S. have a permanent place in Iraq, too?
And a prediction:
We stay permanently, and Iraq becomes my generation's Post-World War Two Europe. We maintain a presence and work hand in hand with the Iraqi government. We patiently wait until they are organized and stable enough to take the lead, and we give them full autonomy while maintaining open-ended leases on a few key military bases.

I agree, that we (the United States Congress) must stop talking about leaving Iraq. The talk of troop withdrawal only encourages the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, it PROVIDES COMFORT AND SUPPORT to their cause - A WORLDWIDE ISLAMIC STATE.

If Congress would start discussing increases in our level and use of force against ISLAMIC TERRORISTS,
If Congress would remove the handcuffs on the military leadership - ie time between deployments.
If we loosen the Rules of Engagement (ROE) and support the troops when they aggressively engage the TERRORISTS.
Then the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS would be more fearful of us.

Events are going our way:
Pakistan is not going to host Bin Laden much longer.
Iran is unstable, and democracy could win out.

But we must REMAIN STRONG and be willing to stay as long as it takes.

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