Thursday, August 23, 2007

Battle of Civilization vs Chaos

Joseph Rosenberger writes on today's American Thinker:

current political squabbles in America between the liberal, socialist
left and the moral capitalist conservative right are merely a skirmish
line on the edge of two colliding civilizations. The combatants are not
the free market, individual centric conservatives and libertarians vs.
the Nanny State, socialist plantation liberal straw bosses. Not at all!

Elephant in the room is Islamofascism - and President Bush and his
brilliant General Petraeus, at the head of the greatest Army of our
lifetime, are decisively engaged. What is at stake dwarfs the '08
elections topics of single payer medical care, unfunded social
security, or our billions of dollars held by China and Saudi Arabia,
for economic blackmail.

Life as we know it -- the profound
blessings of the Age of Enlightenment and the spectacular technological
progress in the arts and sciences that resulted -- is, absent a
courageous defense, doomed to be devoured in the maws of a barbarian
Islamofacism if President Bush's war leadership fails. Militant Islam
means to convert, enslave, or exterminate the infidel non-Muslim world,
depending on the degree of resistance encountered. The Koran demands
it, and militant Islamists are implementing it wherever they have the
critical mass to enforce it. Secular pluralism and a democratically
established Rule of Law will not survive, absent protectors that
exercise lethal force to defend it. This should be the litmus test of
who should be our next president, and no other.

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