Thursday, August 02, 2007

Georgia Voter ID Law

Georgia voters will be required to show a photo ID at the polls for a
special election in September, following several years of court and
legislative battles, the secretary of state said Tuesday.

A lawsuit contended the 2006 law was an undue burden on voters, and a
Fulton County judge agreed, ruling the law unconstitutional. The
Georgia Supreme Court threw out the case, though, finding the plaintiff
lacked legal standing to challenge the law. On Friday, the high court
denied a motion to reconsider.
Secretary of State Karen Handel said Tuesday that the refusal to
reconsider cleared the way for Georgia to implement the law for its
Sept. 18 special election. But first, she said, the state will launch
an education effort to let voters know about the new requirement.

This is EXCELLENT news.
Any action which helps reduce vote is good.

The same organizations who bus folks to the polls;
can get the list of the required documents and bus those folks to the DMV to get their free state ID card -- so those honest folks can still vote.

But let us be realistic -- those organizations which continue to bitch and moan about this requirement.

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