Sunday, August 26, 2007

Islam: A Death Cult

Suseefan recounted the following item that was posted inside a major Mosque in London :

"If a kafir (non-Muslim) is going into a
Muslim country and he is walking by, he is like a cow. Anyone can take
him. That is the Islamic rule. If Muslims cannot take them, you know,
and sell them in the market, then kill them. It is ok".

35 killed as terror blasts rock Hyderabad Kerala Times

Hyderabad, Aug 25: At least 35 people were killed
and 50 injured, many seriously, as two powerful bombs went off almost
simultaneously at an amusement park and a popular eatery in the heart
of Hyderabad Saturday evening in the city's ghastliest terror attack.

of the injured were battling for life in a government hospital as
police and detectives got into the act of trying to find those
responsible for the well-planned terror attacks in the Andhra Pradesh

The first blast went off at the government-run Lumbini
Amusement Park at around 7.45 p.m. when some 900 people were watching a
laser show just across the road from the state secretariat. At least
six people were killed there.

Even before the stunned
authorities could react, another explosion, seemingly more powerful,
ripped through Gokul Chat Bhandar, a well-known eatery about five km
away, killing at least 25 people.

Simultaneous bombings? Sounds familiar.

A large number of people including women and
children were present.
The park is usually full of people out with
their families on evenings, especially on weekends.

Women and children? Islam loves that.

after the first blast, another powerful explosion ripped apart Gokul
Chat Bhandar, which is thronged by huge crowds on evenings. The eatery,
famous for its lip-smacking fast food, was littered with body parts,
pieces of human flesh, belongings of the victims, plates and other

Note India is not, repeat not a Muslim country.
But that does not stop Muslims from murdering INNOCENT people.
Islam is a Death Cult
Islam worships Death
Allah is Satan.

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