Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Self-attacking Muslims?

A week or so ago in Arizona, CAIR was crying about a hate crime. A bottle of Mentos and Diet Coke was throw in the general direction of the double-wide trailer used as an unmarked Mosque. This occurred at 1:30 AM, and later that same day, CAIR had a 10-page press release published.
Now in California, a Mosque was torched, and CAIR is immediately screaming hate crime.

A couple of months back, FBI reports revealed a very, very low rate of crime against Muslims, CAIR advised Muslims to be more aggressive in reporting crimes against Muslims.
Were these incidents in Arizona and California caused by: a) bored thrill seeking teenagers, b) persons attacking Muslims, or c) staged incidents where Muslims are pretending to attack Muslims.

I think the likely answer is A. and the next most likely answer is C.

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