Monday, October 22, 2007

Hillary's NEGATIVE 50%

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Hillary Clinton may be the Democratic Party's
2008 presidential front-runner but she also tops the list when voters
are asked for whom they would never, ever cast a ballot, a poll out
Monday found.

Fully 50 percent of US voters say that when it
comes to Clinton, she can campaign all she likes but there is no way in
the world she can win their support, with her negative rating up
slightly from 46 percent in March, the Zogby poll said.

voters were the most hostile to the attorney and former first
lady-turned US senator, who is seeking to become the first woman US
president. Fifty-nine percent of those over 65 said they would never
vote for Clinton, according to the survey which ranked leading
Democratic and Republican hopefuls.

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