Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Letter to the British, from a Brit

via Gates of Viena

A Letter to my People

“The time has come”,
the Walrus said, “to talk of many thing.” So, with apologies to Lewis
Carroll and to the Bard, I ask, “Friends, Britons, countrymen, lend me
your ears and consider this: You are under attack; your enemies are
both within and without and their malignant intent is to take either
your mind or your life.”

Then I ask you to look around your
homeland and decide for yourself whether the statement above is true or
false. If it is false, or if this is the future you want, or are
prepared to tolerate, do nothing.

But if there are those of you
who see the truth of it, and choose to remain free men and women, then
you must stand up and be counted, for time is running out. Perhaps, if
enough of us do, we may find that we are not as few as our voices in
the wilderness would make it appear, but that our lack of cohesion, of
organisation, of mutual support merely substantiates the old axiom
‘divide and conquer’.

We must somehow join together in
resistance, become one demographic, one voice, then raise that voice in
furious harmony and make it heard across these Islands until its
resonance shatters the tidal wave of atavism that engulfs us. If we do
nothing, then atrocity will reign, our grandsons will only be able to
count to seventy-two and they will be doomed to bang their heads on the
floor in mindless obeisance to an alien deity as they await their
transition to a non-existent eternity of debauchery.


We must become ‘The Non-Muslim Council of Britain’ - or cease to exist at all.

tonight, when you kiss your children and put them to bed, then go
downstairs and await all of your tomorrows you must understand that you
still have a choice. You can do nothing or you can decide to act,
hopefully to act now with a unity of purpose beyond Political Party,
Class or Gender, for the sake of those upstairs.

I beg you, in
the name of freedom, our freedom, to dig deep, Britain, and to think
hard; Philippi or Armageddon? Philippi will not be easy, nor will it
come about without sacrifice and commitment, but it is survivable.
Islam is not.

Seneca III

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