Monday, January 07, 2008

Was Obama a Muslim?

His father was a Muslim.

His step-father is a Muslim.

Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam Daniel Pipes, Front Page Magazine

All this matters, for if Obama once was a Muslim, he is now what
Islamic law calls a murtadd (apostate), an ex-Muslim converted to
another religion who must be executed. Were he elected president of the
United States, this status, clearly, would have large potential
implications for his relationship with the Muslim world.
According the Sharia Law, if your father is a Muslim, you are Muslim. If you reject Islam, your family will be punished and the faithful are to murder you.

So by the accident of his birth, Obama was born Muslim, he is currently an apostate.
Muslim nations will demand that Obama return to Islam or die.

But if Obama is threatened, attacked, or G-d forbid killed:
I would investigate the Clintons' involvement first before looking for other suspects.
Yes, I think Hillary Clinton would consider murder as a means of getting elected President.

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