Monday, February 18, 2008

8th Night of Moslem rioting in Denmark

The 8th night of torchings took place in Denmark last night.
Several schools and hundreds of cars have been torched.
ITN reported:

total of 20 towns were hit by fires on Sunday night, with around 29
people arrested - most of them for arson or attempted arson.

In two cases the fires were so strong that blocks of flats had to be evacuated.

of young people have vandalised or set fire to hundreds of cars and a
number of schools in the past week, however the situation was said to
have been improving over the weekend.

Police said they could give no reason for the behaviour, but said unusually mild weather and the closure of schools for a winter break might have contributed.

workers believe an alleged plot to kill a Danish cartoonist for his
drawing two years ago of the Prophet Mohammad may have fuelled the
riots. Fifteen Danish newspapers reprinted his drawing on Wednesday in
protest against the alleged murder plot.

Most Muslims consider depictions of the Prophet offensive.

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